-BFI Student Testimonials-

"Thank you so much for your common sense approach in teaching firearm safety. Six months ago I could hit the target pretty much all the time but I was scared to death of unloading and handling a firearm. I am no longer afraid of the gun, in fact I have gained confidence in two forms and a great deal of respect. The first in safe gun handling and the second in terms of personal safety, I'm not afraid to be out at night or alone in the house." R.A.

"Gale is very personal with each student in the class." L.F.

"Great credentials which were well used to provide knowledgeable and enthusiastic instruction. Your skills and ability were very evident to the class." P.F.

"I learned the basics and feel more able to protect myself." I.F.

"I owe a great deal to Gale for presenting some very important information in a very professional yet down to earth manner, really helped me a great deal." T.H.

"I thoroughly enjoyed attending BFI. From the first class, it lived up to my expectations of quality of instruction and information. Not only was the class a learning experience, but is was fun as well, and I enjoyed learning side by side with my classmates. It was a real sense of team. Gale's class also gave me more confidence, not only in the handling of a firearm but knowledge in the laws of our state and the responsibility that comes along with owning a firearm. This class has truly opened my eyes to the "real world" and taught me to trust in my instincts and at all times be aware of my surroundings. It was a pleasure working with Gale, she was very motivational, the entire experience was a very positive one, one of which I will never forget." M.S.

"Gale is extremely confident and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the course immensely and highly recommend her class to anyone interested in being a responsible handgun owner/user." K.N.

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