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Photo Gallery
Bikki Bear Puppies, Teddy bear cute! The small dog that keeps the teddy bear puppy look right into adulthood.

Call or email for an appointment to meet them. Call Payton Kohls or Holly Kohls at 425-402-4943. You can also reach Holly at 425-770-4993 or email bikkibears@aol.com to make an appointment.

Hey we're not trout!                                Did someone say car ride?           

Ready to fly.                                     Just hanging out.

Trees are fun to climb!                       I win.                                             Lamy

Long day at the groomers.
              Ready for an adventure.

I love the smell of autumn leaves.    Baby doll.

Hanging out with my yellow bear.    Love that sunshine.

It's hard to sit so still.                          Snuggle bug.

All grown up.                                     We didn't do it.

Best Friends.

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