Brad's Coin Sale #1

Some great and historic ancient coins for sale!

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Yes - a few of these coins still are available. I just noticed that a few of the scans have gone missing. I'll try to restore them soon. If you are interested in one of the remaining coins, please let me know and I'll be happy to hurry the process.

I occasionally buy collections. If you have one for sale, please describe by e-mail. Collections worth many thousands are out of my league.

I try to grade conservatively, and note all defects. If you have any questions, or want to purchase any items, send e-mail to me at . I have added scans of most of the coins. I apologize for the quality of a few of them, but they are reasonable representations of the coins for sale. I offer returns for any reason. See the end of the list for complete terms and conditions.

Catalog abbreviations:

S = Roman Coins and Their Values, 1988 edition (v = variety/similar to)

S2000 = Roman Coins and Their Values, 2000+ edition (v = variety/similar to)


7. Picture AE As. This is a quite worn Janus / Prow type. Weighs approximately 21g. Condition is close to VG with some corrosion or deposits. The right face of Janus is pretty distinct, but the left is a little hard to see. Obverse is off-center a bit to right, but face is not off the coin. Reverse is well centered and outline of prow is pretty clear. I think I can see ROMA underneath, but I could be imagining it. From the weight, I think this is ca. 150 BC, but I don't know this type well. $25 REDUCED TO $20

57. Picture Q. Fabius Maximus (127BC). AR Denarius. Helmeted bust of Roma right / Cornucopia on thunderbolt, in wreath. (S216) aVF, somewhat pitted, reverse slightly off-center. $55 SOLD


45. Picture (taken at a bit of an angle) Mark Antony (c. 32BC). AR Denarius. Galley right / Legionary eagle between two standards. Legion XX (S414v) aF, obverse slightly off-center, some circular flan pits and one somewhat noticeable scratch. Legionary number perfectly readable. $30 SOLD

29. Picture Mark Antony (c. 32BC). AR Denarius. Galley right / Legionary eagle between two standards. Legion VI? (S414A?) aF/VG, obverse slightly off-center to right, noticeable scratch on reverse, which is quite off-center. Legionary number mostly readable but weak to right, hence slight uncertainty about VI. Still another inexpensive chance to own one of these historic coins. $25 SOLD


52. Picture Titus (Emperor, 79-81). AR Denarius. Laurate head right / Throne. TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII P P. (S846) aF/F. Legend on obverse crisp except at two ends, portrait has little detail. Legend on reverse weak in places but almost entirely readable. $50 SOLD

43. Picture Hadrian (117-138). AE Dupondius. Radiate head right / Hilaritas between two children. HILARITAS P R. COS III in exergue. S C in field. (S1129) F. Heavy dark brown patina is rough, making the inscriptions a little tough to read, but they are mostly there. $40 SOLD

25. Picture Antoninus Pius (138-161). AE Sestertius (commemorative). Bare head right / Column with statue on top. DIVO PIO S C. Nice, well-centered, but worn coin. A touch nicer than the scan makes it look. Field has some smoothing apparent. Inscription all readable. (S1306) F. $90 REDUCED TO $60! SOLD

13. Elagabalus? AE19. Provincial bronze. Maybe Antioch. Decent portrait. Reverse is SC with wreath. F+. $30

26. Elagabalus? AE23 billon tetradrachm. Provincial bronze. Maybe Antioch. Bold portrait. Obverse off-center a bit to right, losing most of the inscription at right. Reverse is eagle, with some inscription present at right. VF. $60

60. Picture Severus Alexander (222-235) AR Denarius. Laurate draped bust right / Jupiter? standing holding scepter and thunderbolt? P M TR P III COS P P. Well-centered, slight graininess. A few obverse letters soft. F+. $35 REDUCED TO $25 SOLD

49. Will Restore Picture Soon Julia Mamaea (mother of Severus Alexander). AE Sestertius (probably -- might be a dupondius which is worth a bit more, or an as, worth a little less). Diademed and draped (?) bust right / Felicitas standing holding cadeceus and leaning on column. (S2318, if sestertius) aF. Heavy dark brown patina. Only a little hair detail. FELICITAS PVBLICA. Squarish flan. Reverse inscription rough and missing in parts. If sest.: S2000 #8228 $30 REDUCED TO $25 SOLD

41. Gordian III (238-244). AE Sestertius (242-3). Laurate bust right / Apollo seated holding branch and resting arm on lyre. P M TR P V COS II P P S C. (S2500) F+. Brown/green patina. Squarish flan. Obverse slightly off-center, legend a little crowded at right. $40 SOLD

9. Picture Probus (276-282). Billon tetradrachm, Alexandria. F+. Maybe a little better than that but heavy patina with green in recesses. $10

59. Picture Maximianus (First reign, 286-305). AR Antoninianus. Radiate bust left with mantle and scepter / Pax standing holding victory and scepter. (S3618) aVF/F+. Reverse slightly off-center but legend all there. Almost half silvered, with green in recesses. $35 SOLD

56. Constaninople commemorative (330-346). AE 3/4 (17 mm). Helmeted bust of Roma left wearing mantle / She-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus. (S3894) F+. Obverse a little soft. $6


62. Crispus (317-326). AE3 (18mm). Laurate bust left with mantle / Camp gate. (S3923) F+/aVF. Well centered. Nice camp gate. $15


5. Family of Constantine. Junky worn fallen horseman type. $2



37. Picture Heraclius (610-641). AE decanummius. Helmeted bust facing / Large X between N and M. (Sear Byz. 876) F. Carthage mint. Coin is a little better than the scan, but is somewhat rough. Even medium dark brown patina. Most of the legend is readable. $25 REDUCED TO $20

39. Picture with too much glare Leo VI (the Wise) (886-912). AE follis. Leo enthroned facing, wearing crown and loros, and holding labarum and akakia. Throne has curved arm and ornamental back / Four lines of text which translate to Leo, by the grace of god, King of the Romans. (Sear Byz. 1728) VF. This is a nice coin. The obverse is a little bit off-center to the right, so the right part of the inscription is mostly gone, but the detail in the figure is quite good. Reverse inscriptions is almost all there. $45 SOLD

I have a couple other Byzantine coins for sale. E-mail is interested, and I'll provide more information and pictures.


21. Picture Queen Elizabeth I. AR Shilling (31mm). VG/F. The coin is a little better than the scan makes it to be. The light spots on the scan are glare on the mylar in the 2x2, and there is a touch more portrait detail (not a lot, though). I've been told that this is from 1601 or 1602, but I'm not familiar with these myself. Most of the legend is readable on the reverse, and decipherable on the obverse. $60 SOLD


1. To purchase any coins, just send me at .

2. Prices include first class postage without insurance to US addresses. Insurance required and extra (inquire for cost) for totals over $50.

3. Your satisfaction guaranteed. Societal membership reference available on request. Full refund of purchase price for ANY reason within two weeks of receipt. Send me e-mail before returning any coins.

4. Payment by check or money order (or cash sent at your risk). Checks must be in US dollars drawn on a US bank, unless we come to some other agreement. Allow three weeks for check clearance and delivery. $30 charge for returned checks.

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