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Welcome to Ravenwood Hollow,

Every year on Halloween a mysterious haunted place appears out of the fog. It's tales of torture and fright is legendary, To see it yourself might drive you running into the night screaming or you may not escape at all and become part of the legend. I hope you enjoy the site of our haunt and remember to stay in the light....They can't get to you in the light... Or so they say.

We have been decorating our yard for Halloween, eleven years and we seem to add more and more so that now I don't even have enough room to display all of my Halloween items. It all started with a leaf man that only lasted the one year. In 1998 I created a 6ft tall Darth Vader from a old costume with blinking lights and a battery operated light saber. In 1999 I made him breathe and speak phrases downloaded from the internet and burned it to a CD. He was on a loop to speak 6 different phrases, one every minute and then looped again. The next year we added a new body prop, old sweatshirt and pants stuffed with old sheets. 2001 we added a few yard signs and a few battery operated items to hang on the front porch. 02 and 03 was like the others a few additions here and there but nothing major.  2004 we went with big props such as a home made guillotine with headless victim and animated electric chair with thrashing victim. I did add one airblown halloween item at that time. Then in 2006 I added a home made gas chamber with thrashing victim and fog machine. This was the year that the guillotine with new animated pumping blood, took an unfortunate spill over the side of the truck and smashed in the road while transporting it home from the Cache Slash Fest 2006. Last year I used a old wooden stump with a root axe in it and latex heads sprinkled all around. This year we had a lot of additions to the display. Thirty three blow mold items and several airblown items were added to the list and like I said we didn't have room to display all of the Halloween decorations so we decorate other peoples yard as well. I believe I had decorations in six different yards this year. Next year it will be bigger. Thanks for visiting my site.

Fear comes on the wind.

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From film to digital, we do it all.

Updated 9-3-2010

Ravenwood Hollow 2010