The Motorcraft 2150 was used on all 1976 Capri II 2.8, and 1977 Capri II 2.8 that were sold outside California. It was a bit larger than the Holley 5200 that was used on the 1974 2800, which allowed the V6 to produce a bit more power. Unfortunately the cars equipped with the 2150 also tended to have more drivability problems than the 1974 cars. One common problem was the infamous "turbo-effect" throttle linkage. The stock piece was a complex thing that wouldn't open the throttle at all until the gas pedal was halfway to the floor, and then it opened all the way up, producing an effect much like turbo lag. The previous owner of my (LHW) late, lamented '76 Black Cat had wisely replaced this linkage with a nice, simple custom built system. Basically he threw the whole thing out and connected the throttle cable directly to the carb, with just a simple bracket to hold it together and a return spring attached to the valve cover.

2150 equipped cars also tended to suffer from an annoying off idle stumble, though some of this can be attributed to the stone age emission controls then in use.