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Stratford, Wisconsin. U.S.A.

Murphy's Law is adhered to very strictly around here.

To tell the truth things get a little crazy at times

Here are a few cool links to check out.

Want to find GOLD?  Check out the Gold Prospectors Association of America. GPAA

In Wisconsin visit Wausau Prospectors for great friends and good times.

Wausau Prospectors 2017 Outing Schedule

                  Wisconsin Prospecting Rules

                               Prospecting and Detecting Best Finds

For those concerned about our 2nd amendment rights visit the homepage of the NRA.
(National Rifle Association)


Come join a high tech treasure hunting game using GPS receivers to find hidden caches.  Find a cache, sign the log,
then go to ( and record your find.

One of my favorite hobbies is Handgun Silhouette Shooting.

According to visiting shooters, our range is one of the best in the state. Here is some information and a few pictures of our Range

Follow this link for information  on the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association. (IHMSA)


 If you like to shoot handguns and would like too shoot at LONG ranges, find a silhouette range near you and go out and give it a try.

Shoot your .22 to your big bore handguns from 25 to 200 meters

Click on the link above or the IHMSA logo for more info on the sport.

2017 Wisconsin IHMSA Match Schedule


American Radio Relay League

The place for resources and information for new or experienced

amateur radio operators.



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