The third Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine premiered in 1993 becoming the first Star Trek show that was not based on the adventures of the Starship Enterprise and her crew, this series plot line was a more drama based one. A lone abandoned Cardassion space station orbiting Bajor is taken over by Starfleet in an effort to help Bajor after it's long oppression by the Cardassion's and to decide whether or not to allow them admittance into the Federation, sent to command this obsolete station is Commander Ben Sisko, A deeply troubled man who lost his wife in the battle at Wolf 359 and is having to raise his son alone.

Teamed up with a Bajoran Military specialist, Major Kira is deeply against any aide by the Federation, afraid that they will become Bajor's new oppressors. Shortly after Sisko arrival a startling discovery is made, a discovery that makes Deep Space Nine the first line of defense for the Alpha Quadrent...a wormhole to the unknown and dangerous Gamma Quadrant.

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Space Station Deep Space Nine

Cmdr. Benjamin Lafayette Sisko

#Avery Brooks

Major Kira Nerys

#Nana Visitor

Security Chief Odo'ital

#Rene Auberjonois

Lt. Jadzia Dax

#Terry Farrell

Chief Miles Edward O'Brien

#Colm Meaney

Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashier

#Alexander Siddig

Jake Sisko

#Cirroc Lofton


#Armin Shimerman

Elim Garak

#Andrew Jordt Robinson

Gul Dukat

#Marc Alaimo

Lt. Cmdr. Worf

#Michael Dorn

Lt. Ezri Dax

#Nicole deBoer

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine