This page contains links to some of the best Star Trek sites on the web, please visit them, below the link is a description of the site as well it tells what kind of information I was able to get from there.

Hu's Episode Guides:

This site has episode guides that are well written for over 30 shows, including the Star Trek series of course, I found a lot of my pictures there.

Maximum Defiant:

This site is based on Deep Space Nine's Starship, the Defiant, it is the best Star Trek site that I've ever been to, with wonderful graphics and information, as well as being easy to navigate around, I would most definitely suggest going to this site for a true Star Trek experience. The wonderful image map that's on my home page was created by James T. Fazar, the creator of Maximum Defiant.

Medical Log: Supplemental:

A very well done page, this site is dedicated to Doctor Bashier of Deep Space Nine, with images and information on the good doctor, it's sure to make any Dr. Bashier fan proud. I didn't get any information or pictures from this site.

Skatty's Star Trek Voyager Page:

This site has wonderful hard to find images from Star Trek: Voyager, I found the picture of Neelix there.

This is the very sophisticated official Star Trek web site with a lot of information, online games, episode summaries, and other media. I was able to get a lot of the information about the characters from this site, as well as the biographies.

The Belgarath Silverthorn Star Trek Domain:

An interesting site with a lot of information from the new Star Trek Encyclopedia, at stores now. My Database owes this site gratitude for some of it's information.

The Computer Core Dump:

A vast wealth of knowledge is here. I got no information from here.

The Marc Alimo Web site:

The only place that I could find with any good information about Marc Alimo, his biography was got here.

The Nicole deBoer Web site:

A wonderful site for information on this lovely actress, the only place with a good Ezri Dax biography, trust me, it's where I got the one here.

The Official Andrew J. Robinson Web site:

For all the Garak fans out there, this will make your head explode with all the wonderful information located here, such as his biography, which I picked up here.

The Star Trek Animated Gif Archive:

This site is full of spectacular animations, thanks goes to this site for the Starship and DS9 gifs.