This library is a loose collection of image manipulation and degradation functions I developed as part of a meandering set of 'artistic' hobbies. While I have tried to extend several of the functions toward a more general utility in image editing or analysis, understand that none of these functions began life with that intention. This has been a learning experience for me, and not all efforts share a uniformity of efficiency or methodology. I post these tools only on the basic assumption that if they have been useful to me, then surely they'll be useful in part to someone else.

The following are pages detailing the use of the library functions. Most demonstrations include example code blocks, brief explanations, and samples of the input (green border) and output images. Mouse-over text helps explain images. The code blocks for most of these examples are in the file 'demosandbox.m', and more involved examples are in the file 'moreexamples.m'.

For what it's worth, I understand that programming these tools in Matlab is probably the most misguided thing I could do, but it was just for fun.


The functions and examples in this library make use of the following submissions on the Matlab File Exchange.

akZoom by Alexander Kessel
Colorspace Transformations by Pascal Getreuer
inpaint_nans() by John D'Errico
STFT/ISTFT tools by Hristo Zhivomirov
text2im() by Tobias Kiessling