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Cybersecurity threat detection & monitoring your 802.11 & 802.1x Radio Frequencies of your wireless LAN (WLAN) for pervasive hacking

Real Threats, Right Now, Ready or Not 


Do you store your confidential data on premise or use a Cloud Data Center (Tempest-NSA certified secure?) for data storage? Do you have assurance that where ever your data is stored it is protected & secure?

Has your data center secured flash array & conventional disk drives (SSD) to be air-gapped from the Internet & other data storage computers? Are all computer wiring insulated to prevent radio frequency broadcasting of data? Is the data center building (above or below ground) designed for housing computers at required specified distance from walls, ceilings & floors?

It is estimated that wireless connected devices will grow to more than 20 billion by 2020. What will 15 billion (75%) or more of these wireless connected devices have in common—emitters of Radio Frequencies

Bandwidth congestion?  WiFi secure?  All non WiFi protocol device emitters RF secure?

               Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio communications system & machine learning technologies are used to see learn about the invisible electromagnetic spectrum of wireless devices transmitting & receiving in the 100KHz to 6GHz frequency range. What are the identities of the Radio Frequency device emitters if authorized or not, where are these emitters & to analyze any diverse protocols and abnormal data volume.

 Locate listening devices, mouse jack & keyboard sniffer vulnerabilities, open ports & backdoors. What device default passwords never changed, rogue access points and RF broadcast range.  

What is out-of-policy? Global hacking, steeling confidential company or client data? Siphoning off company profits or causing the loss of customer base & partner relations? Loss of competitive advantage? What are the device or devices identity & location of these threats.

NOTE none of your data is monitored only Radio Frequency device emitters 24/7 not 9to5.

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