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Cybersecurity threat detection & protection 24/7 not 9to5

 for your invisible Radio Waves & Frequencies


IT dept.& auditors can’t see invisible radio waves & frequencies to do your Risk Management assessment.

Do you store your confidential data on premise or use the Cloud & a Data Center for your confidential data storage?
Do you have assurance that where ever your data is stored, your confidential data is secure?

Using a data center provider are they Tempest NSA secure with all-flash array computers & conventional disk drives air-gapped from the Internet & other data storage computers & computers not broadcasting? Are required computers wiring insulated & the building designed for housing computers to be located at required specified distance from walls, ceiling & floors?

It is estimated that wireless connected devices will grow to more than 20 billion by 2020. What will 15 billion (75%) or more of these wireless connected devices have in common—emitters of invisible Radio waves

With our patented Software-Defined Radio sub second speed monitoring software* & machine learning technologies, we can see your entire invisible electromagnetic spectrum in the 100KHz to 6GHz frequency range. We can identify in detail all devices transmitting & receiving Radio Frequencies, authorized & unauthorized emitters, where they are, unauthorized computers broadcasting, analyze any diverse protocols and abnormal data volume. And to prevent global bad actors from steeling confidential company & client data, siphoning off company profits & resulting loss of competitive advantage?

 In addition, locate listening devices, mouse jack & keyboard sniffer vulnerabilities, open ports & backdoors, device default passwords never changed, rogue access points and carrier wave transport broadcast range.  

When something is out-of-policy you are alerted & warned of the unauthorized device identity & location of threats.

NOTE none of your data is monitored only RF device emitters 24/7 not 9to5. *No additional software is required to be installed on your computers & wireless devices.

<<See what you can't see—WATCH UPDATED Video by our partner>> monitors Radio Frequencies for DHS US Customs & Border Patrol, TSA (for airports) and other DHS operations & commercial enterprises 

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