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IT department and auditors are having difficulty in determining the cause of missing private personal information, confidential company data & lower company profits?  Do you have a wireless network?

Why cyber threat detection & protection for radio frequencies is manditory

It is estimated that IoT wireless connected devices will grow to more than 20 billion by 2020. What will 15 billion (75%) or more of these IoT wireless connected devices have in common—Radio emitting frequencies.

  Radio Frequencies (part of the electromagnetic spectrum) are Invisible. How can you see to know who & what IoT Radio Frequency emitting devices are authorized or not authorized to be using & listening on your wireless network?

            Our patented Software-Defined Radio sub second speed monitoring software* can see your entire electromagnetic spectrum for devices transmitting & receiving in the 100KHz to 6GHz frequency range. We can identify in detail authorized & unauthorized Radio Frequency emitting devices, BYOD devices where they are, analyze any diverse protocols (patterns) & the data volume they are transmitting. Also access what security vulnerabilities may exist, where are the open ports, default passwords that were never changed and what is the carrier wave broadcast range.

When something is out-of-policy you are alerted & warned of the device identity, the source & location of threats and hacks before they can steal & ransom your personal data, private conversations, research data, company secrets, competitive advantage & siphon off company profits.

The FCC section 2.906 47 CFR Declaration of Conformity is to ensure IoT devices whether imported or US mfg that emit radio frequencies complies with specific standards.

OTA firmware updates & bug fixes for legacy & newer IoT devices are they still FCC sections 2.902, 2.907 47 CFR & section § 2.1043 compliant? If not the FCC could impose a fine and decertify your use of those non-compliant IoT radio emitting devices.

 We can verify & confirm these FCC rules & regulations

  None of your data is monitored only RF frequencies & RF device emitters 24/7. *No additional software is required to be installed on your computers or networks.

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