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PROFIT from KNOWLEDGE from Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) for All Things Wireless (IoT)(facilitate knowledge transfer and improve decision-making)

WHAT?Are you proactively making the jump to the new and the next or remaining in the now?


Profit from intelligent decisions made from streaming critical information collected from IoT Wireless Sensor & Actuator Networks (WSAN). AI analyze it and act. Stop guessing and PROFIT from knowing what, when & how! Smart Devices---Smart Communications---Smart information---Smart Today & Tomorrow

Why collect huge quantities of data if you are not going to analyze it?Data that is structured, unstructured, generated internally or created by others and stored in company data centers or the cloud. Artificial Intelligence & cognitive machine learning can be used to analyze data, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas. Thus, enabling fast decisions by quickly converting retrospective data into predictive usable insights for Business planning for a profitable today & tomorrow). We are a B2B, B2C consultancy & infomediary integrator.

It is estimated that #IoT wireless connected devices will grow to more than 20 billion by 2020. What do 15 billion (75%) of these sensor embedded devices have commonóRadio emitting frequencies. Businesses & Industry are dependent on wireless imbedded devices to compete and survive for a profitable today & tomorrow.

smart sensors & actuators

Sensors: 1 Acoustic, sound, vibration2 Automotive, transportation3 Chemical4 Electric current, electric potential, magnetic, radio5 Flow, fluid velocity6 Ionizing radiation, subatomic particles7 Navigation instruments8 Position, angle, displacement, distance, speed, acceleration9 Optical, light, imaging, photon10 Pressure11 Force, density, level12 Thermal, heat, temperature13 Proximity, presence14 smell-sensors 15 Health wearable Monitoring Actuators: 1 hydraulic, 2 pneumatic, 3 electric, 4hermal or magnetic, 5 mechanical

We reorganize, provide VC funding & invest in Business Restructuring & Startups.Businessesinvolved in cybersecurity & RF IoT wireless network design, marketing & selling of Radio Frequency embedded devices, IoT wireless devices & Artificial Intelligence (AI) &Machine Learning (ML).

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