Here's some pictures of my 20m Pixie in a Velamints tin (click on the image for a larger version)

On the outside, a normal looking Velamints tin.  No holes in the case!

But inside, a 20m CW transceiver, complete with power supply.  The "front panel" was laid out on a CAD program, then printed to an ink-jet printer.  It was cut-out slightly small, then laminated with plastic.  Then I punched holes in it for the connectors and glued it to the copper clad underneath.

Here's the "innards".  The whole thing just slips out of the case.  Note that the circuit is built "dead-bug" style on a piece of copper clad.  The on-off switch is on the upper left.  Center left is the LM386 audio amp.  To the right of the audio amp is the earphone jack.  Below that is the key jack, and to the left of the key jack is the 2N3866 PA.  The 2N2222A oscillator is to the left of that.  The crystal is mounted on its side just below the oscillator.  The VCXO tuning pot is bottom center, and the output tank circuit is lower right, next to to the SMB antenna connector.