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Sammy's Girl Stella

Hilltop Great Danes


LZ, Mom Dozer, Dad Zion


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Puppies and Stud Service

We have four multi-championed lined males at stud, our Reverse Brindle LZ who is 5 years, 37 1/2 inches and 229 pounds with 23 Champions in his five generation pedigree.  Sammy our 1/2 Euro male who is 4 years and 38 1/2 inches and 180 pounds with at least 22 Champions in his five generation pedigree. Turbo our striking 1/4 Euro Fawn who is also Champion lined, LZ's nephew. And Nitro, also a 1/4 Euro fawn, Turbo's 1/2 brother, who has LOTS of Champions who will be standing at stud this fall. All are at Stud to breed your female for $1150.
Now taking deposits info for our spring/summer 2014 and contact info for our fall/winter 2014 litters. LZ will be having two litters in May with and Hope and Deli. These litters will be all brindle. We will also be expecting litters this fall with Sammy bred to Faith, DJ and Omega. And possibly a fawn litter with Turbo and Gracie. These puppies will be show and breeding quality. All are AKC. Males are $1100 limited, $1550 for full AKC and females are $1000 limited and $1350 for full AKC. Reverse Brindles are $150 more. I have 12 Danes on site for your review. Parents of all litters are always here for your review. Give us a call,   419-938-7211 .







Zion's (LZ's Dad) Pedigree

Sammy another Big Boy




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                           Our Big Boys, Sammy and LZ

Get on the contact list for our fall-winter and winter-spring litters coming in 2014 and 2015. All pups are Multi-Champion. Brindles, Reverse Brindles and Fawns. When born they are about 2 pounds, but by six weeks they are 20 pounds! These are the Biggest Danes you will find. They also have excellent temperament. Outstanding show quality at a pet price. Great for home security.                                                                                     

       Sammy's Pup Bodhi





Looking Sharp



Fawn, Brindle, and Reverse Brindle


  Two Onyx (Reverse Brindle) Pups

Dozer's Pedigree (LZ's Mom)


LZ and Hope






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