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                                       Dozer and Sammy's girl, Ali





Hilltop Great Danes


LZ, Mom Dozer, Dad Zion



Multi-Champion Lines

Puppies and Stud Service

We are Mike and Maggie McKinley owners of Hilltop Great Danes and Hilltop Resort Farms. We are located in the beautiful Mohican River Valley in North Central Ohio. We raise Great Danes on our 70 acre farm. All the dogs are our pets. All are AKC with Champion Lines and color pure except for our exotics.  We specialize in all things Brindle.  Brindles and Reverse Brindles, Blue Brindles, and Brindlequins but also have outstanding Fawns.

We have seven studs at service.  We have anything Brindle for your needs as well as two exceptional Fawn Males.  Beast is our massive brindle carrying two brindle chromosomes.  210 pounds and 37.5 inches.  Boss will be our largest male.  A brindle carrying for brindle and fawn and also color pure.  190 pounds and 39 inches at 20 months.  Bronson our brindle also carrying for fawn is color pure and 50% euro from two different euro lines.  200 pounds and 37 inches at one year.  Epic is our brindle boy carrying for fawn, color pure 62% euro.  190 pounds and 36 inches at one year.  Turbo is our 25% euro fawn and color pure.  190 pounds and 36.5 inches at 3 years.  Dexter our fawn multi-lined champion.  His grandmother had 27 CH out of 30 dogs in her pedigree.  190 pounds and 37 inches.  And our exotics.  Legend a Brindlequin.  170 pounds and 37 inches at 1 year.  Rockey a Blue Brindle.  170 pounds and 37 inches at 1 year.  Rockey a Blue Brindle.  170 pounds and 36 inches at 1 year.  And coming fall of 2016..Silver a Blue Brindle with no white and stunning color and looks to be a huge boy if he grows into his feet. 

Now taking deposits and contact info for our upcoming litters.  Our puppies are show and breeding quality with exceptional size and temperament.  All are AKC. Males are $1150 limited, $1800 for full AKC and females are $1000 limited and $1350 for full AKC. Reverse Brindles are $150 more. I have 19 Danes on site for your review. Parents of all litters are always here for your review. Give us a call,   419-938-7211 .  Also check our new website at HTTP://www.hilltopgreatdanes.com



Sammy & Dozer

From Dozer's first litter.




Zion's (LZ's Dad) Pedigree

LZ our Big Boy




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                           Our Big Boys, Sammy and LZ



Look for current information at our new website:  www.hilltopgreatdanes.com.  Get on the contact list for our upcoming litters.  These are the Biggest Danes you will find.  They also have excellent temperment.  Outstanding show quality at a pet price.  Great for home security.  Give us a call 419-938-7211.  Maggie and Mike McKinley.  Check out our facebook at Hilltop Great Danes and Maggie McKinley.


     Three of our girls                                                                                 


       Bee, DJ, and Omega

         Chippy, LZ's son at 4  months and 75 pounds



Looking Sharp

           Dozer's and Sammy's Son, Java at 7 months.


Fawn, Brindle, and Reverse Brindle


  Two Onyx (Reverse Brindle) Pups

Dozer's Pedigree (LZ's Mom)


Sammy's dad's Pedigree






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