The deGruyter-Helfer Family - Clarksburg, West Virginia

Robert Helfer ~ Lisa deGruyter
Hilde, Kevin, and Keith McKissick
Arend deGruyter-Helfer

Robert is researching Kjølsrud and Kvamsøe of Norway, and Helfer, Molnár, Schnur, and Kollet of the Banat and Transylvania (formerly Hungary, now Romania)

Lisa is researching deGruyter and Venhorst of Belgium, Holland, and Germany; Hill, Taylor, Hersman, Morrison, Stalnaker, McWhorter, McVaney/McElvaney, Snider/Snyder, Greathouse, Queen, McKinney, Reed, Kidd, Hodges, all of West Virginia

Flaming Chalice Our Beginning Church
Our Church Church of the Larger Fellowship
Our Old Church First Unitarian Universalist of Austin