Edward Hughes

Birth: ABT 1755, Greenbrier Co., West Virginia, USA
Death: 13 May 1839, Kanawha Co., West Virginia, USA

William Parsons Hughes * Mary Sudrah Withers * Charles Baker * Jane Hughes
Thomas Hughes * Mary Susannah Baker *
Edward Hughes
m.Nancy Foster

Father: Thomas Hughes *
Mother: Mary Susannah Baker *

Married Nancy Foster

Notes: Edward "Ned" Hughes, a son of Thomas and Susannah Hughes, was born in Greenbrier County VA (W V) in 1755 and died in Kanawha County VA (WV) May 13, 1839. He married Nancy Foster in Greenb rier County October 10, 1793. Nancy, a daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Hughes) Foster, was bor n in Prince William County VA February 19, 1774 and died in 1839. Edward built a cabin and mo ved his family to present day Kesslers Cross Lanes in Nicholas County WV in 1796

Edward "Ned" Hughes, a son of Thomas and Susannah Hughes, was born in Greenbrier County VA (W V) in 1755 and died in Kanawha County VA (WV) May 13, 1839. He married Nancy Foster in Greenb rier County October 10, 1793. Nancy, a daughter ofIsa
ac and Sarah (Hughes) Foster, was born in Price William County VA February19, 1774 and died i n 1839. Edward built a cabin and moved his family to presentday Kesslers Cross Lanes in Nicho las County WV in 1796.
1. Willfor Edward probated 13 May 1839. 2. Land patent #15,701 granted with his brother-in-la w, John Campbell;this was signed by James Monroe. 3. Always found in the Kanawha census altho ugh he did move from time totime. 4. Buried on the h
illoverlooking Hugheston, WV. No marker. Believed tobe near the grave of his father, Thomas , Sr. (also, no marker) 5. Mary/Polly Barnes Morris was the widow ofWm. Morris III. 6. Copie d from the 11 Jun 1925 Nicholas Chronicle: "EDWARD HUGH
ES After the murder of Elizabeth and Margaret Morris by the Indians in May,1792, all of the s ettlers left and did not return until the next spring.At this time there were three log cabin s in Nicholas county. They wereHenry Morris who lived
near the mouth of Line Creek, Conrad Young wholived across Peters Creekfrom Morris, now on th e J.F.V. Neil place, andEdward McClung who lived near Cross Lanes, then called McClung's Mead ows.Captain George Fitzwater then lived with McClung.
A short time afterleaving, McClung sold his land to Jno. Campbell and Edward Hughes.McClung w as drowned in the Great Kanawha river near Moles Island a shorttime afterwards. John Campbel l and Edward Hughes probably moved toNicholas county
in 1795. Edward Hughes was the first Baptist minister that lived in Nicholascounty He came wi th a party of surveyors or explorers for Nicholascountywhen a boy and happened to stray awa y from the party and was enjoyinghimself fishing in Pet
ers Creek when he was captured by a prowling bandof Shawnee Indians and taken a captive to th eir homes in Ohio. Afterremaining with the Indians for some time he made his escape and succe ededin reaching the Ohio River. Here he made a raft an
d commenced his tripdown the Ohio, keeping as near tothe middle of the river as he could soa s to be in as little danger of being shot from the banks by any bands ofprowling Indians tha t might happen to see him.When he reached the mouthof
the Great Kanawha he knew the place and (brought) his raft to theshore. He found the trail (P ocahontas Trail) and followed it through WestVirginia to his home in Virginia. When he escape d he brought with him acoat made from the hide of a de
er and he always kept the coat. He was ordained to the full work of the ministry in 1803 an d the sameyear was called to the pastorate of Peters Creek Baptist church which wassituated o n the border of Monroe and Giles counties. (This name wa
safterwards changed to Peterstown). Edward Hughes seems to have had afair education for hi s time and had implicit faith in the Bible. He was aborn poet and much of his conversation wa s in rhym. He never usedintoxicants of any kind and reta
ined his vision until his death.He seemsto have taken out several patents for land in Nichola s county and at onetime had a suit which lasted fifteen years over a tract of land claimedb y himself and a Mr. McClung. After the death of his wif
e he went to theKanawha Valley and married the widow of William Morris and resided nearthe mo uth of HughesCreek until his death. He is buried on an eminenceoverlooking the Great Kanawha. " 7. Copied from The History of Nicholas County, West
Virginia (1985):"EdwardHughes was born about 1764, was the son of Thomas and ElizabethHughes . He first came to the Kanawha Valley as a boy with his uncleRobert Hughes, who startedHughes ' Fort at Hugheston. While still a boy,Edward was ca
ptured by the Indians and taken to the Ohio country where hewas kept for two years. Edward pl annedfor his escape from the Indians byhiding jerked

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