Thomas Orin McVaney *

Birth: 21 Nov 1891, Stouts Mills, Gilmer Co., West Virginia, USA Source:
Death: 1 Jan 1969, Thomaston, Upson Co., Georgia, USA
Burial: Thomaston, Upson Co., GA
Occupation: Mechanic, Ward's garage Proprietor, Garage

Lorenzo Dow McVaney * Columbia Anastasia Snider * Samuel Brannon "Sam" Snider (Snyder)* Louisa Jane "Jennie" Edwards *
John William McVaney * Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Snider *
Thomas Orin McVaney *
m. Mary Elizabeth McKinney *

Thomas Orin McVaney

Anna Mary McVaney *

Irene Eleanor McVaney

Loyd Lee McVaney

Father: John William McVaney *
Mother: Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Snider *

Married Mary Elizabeth McKinney * on Dec 1917
Child 1: Thomas Orin McVaney 19 Sep 1918 - 15 Jan 2001
Child 2: Anna Mary McVaney * 1 May 1920 - 23 Apr 1982 m. Ferdinand Hersman de Gruyter *
Child 3: Irene Eleanor McVaney 24 Feb 1923 - m. William Halstead
Child 4: Loyd Lee McVaney 27 Dec 1926 - 20 Mar 1995 m. (1) Thelma (McVaney) m. (2) Gwen White m. (3) Shirley (Miller, McVaney) m. (4) Shirley (McVaney)

Notes: Biography: Tom McVaney was a automobile mechanic. The family lived in Richwood briefly and t hen Elkins. At first they were in a cottage on the grounds of Davis & Elkins cottage, and th en a house on Central Avenue. During World War II, he went to Hampton VA and worked as an air craft mechanic. After the war, Mary joined him. They retired to Thomaston GA, where Thomas , Jr. was teaching, in 1960. Buried Thomaston, Upson Co. GA.

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