David Wallace Sleeth *

Source: History of Ritchie Co.

Birth: 18 May 1752, Frederick Co., Virginia, USA
Death: 28 Jun 1839, West Virginia, USA

John Alexander Sleeth * Mary Ann Wallace *
David Wallace Sleeth *
m. (1) Catherine Carpenter *

Mary Sleeth

David W. Sleeth

Alexander K. Sleeth *

Catherine Sleeth *

John Sleeth

Margaret Sleeth

Nicholas C. Sleeth

Jane Sleeth

Sarah Sleeth

Nancy Sleeth

Henry Sleeth

Thomas Sleeth

George Sleeth
m.(2) Susanna Simpson

Father: John Alexander Sleeth *
Mother: Mary Ann Wallace *

Married (1) Catherine Carpenter * on BEF 1798
Child 1: Mary Sleeth 1780 - m. Henry Waldeck
Child 2: David W. Sleeth 25 Dec 1796 - m. (1) Nancy Lybrook m. (2) Elizabeth Prince
Child 3: Alexander K. Sleeth * 28 Feb 1797 - 27 Jun 1841 m. Catherine or Kathern Wolfe *
Child 4: Catherine Sleeth * EST 1800 - BEF 1839 m. Samuel M[ichael] Brannon (Brannan)*
Child 5: John Sleeth - m. Eliza Wolfe
Child 6: Margaret Sleeth - m. Cornelius Cain
Child 7: Nicholas C. Sleeth - m. Catherine Collins
Child 8: Jane Sleeth - m. Henry Stalnaker
Child 9: Sarah Sleeth - m. Henry Wiant
Child 10: Nancy Sleeth - m. Allen Simpson
Child 11: Henry Sleeth - m. Mary Wiant
Child 12: Thomas Sleeth -
Child 13: George Sleeth -
Married (2) Susanna Simpson on 5 Apr 1834

Notes: Biography: David W. Sleeth, a son of John and Mary Ann Sleeth, was b. May 18, 1752 in Fredric k County, Virginia. He m. Catherine Carpenter, the daughter of Nicholas and Mary Carpenter. C atherine's father, Nicholas, owned land at Redstone[Fort, which existed as early as 1758], ne ar Brownsville, Pennsylvania. He came to Harrison County in 1772 and made settlement on the p resent site of Stealey Heights, in Clarksburg, Harrison County VA (WV) David W. Sleeth wa s a member of Captain James Booth's company of rangers and spies in 1777-78, having enliste d in May 1777, at West's fort on Hacker's creek for a period of eighteen months, according t o his declaration for a pension made August 7, 1832. After Captain Booth was killed in Jun e 1778, the company was under command of Lt. Edward Freeman until November, when that office r left for Kentucky without issuing discharge papers to his men. Soon after that David W. Sl eeth joined Captain George Jackson's company of scouts at Buckhannon and served until the lat ter part of 1780. Besides his army service, David W. Sleeth, qualified in January 1793, a s a deputy sheriff and three months later was recommended to the govenor of the state for app ointment of lieutenant of militia.

In 1794, he was sent to Richmond by the county court to convey thirty-two copies of the act s of the general assembly and of Congress to Harrison county. He was appointed a justice o f the peace for Harrison county, April 8, 1817; and a school commissioner for Lewis county i n 1819, after that county was formed. Records show he held the office of magistrate as
late as 1825.

Catherine (Carpenter) Sleeth d. June 17, 1828. After Catherine's death, David W., Sr. m. Mrs . Susanna Simpson. David and Susanna were m. April 5, 1834 in Lewis county, Virginia. Davi d W. Sleeth, Sr. d. on June 28, 1839 and is buried on the Farnsworth Plantation, near Troy, G ilmer county, WV. Two unmarked graves beside David's are believed to be those of his wives.
Sources: Don Norman

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