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Welcome to our web site!  We are a family owned and operated nursery located approximately 6 miles East of Gresham, Oregon.
Our business has two main parts.  We specialize in growing quality evergreen shrubs and trees.  We also produce rooted cuttings and liners in our propogation operation.  Both product families come with our customer satisfaction guarantee.
Our farm operation has been in the family for over 100 years.  It started as a potato, grain and hay operation in the early 1900's and then moved to a full-scale berry growing operation in the 1970s and in the past 25 years has again transitioned to a quality nursery and propogation operation.
We are happy you have visited our web-site.  If you see something interesting, give us a call or jot us an e-mail.  Make sure to visit our online catalog.  Please call for current availability.
Hope to visit with you soon.
John Wm. Sester
Skip Laurel
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