Douglas County Animal Control

1007 E South Central Ave

PO Box 192

Tuscola, IL 61953


Phone: 217-253-4921

Fax: 217-253-4921




Report Abuse/Neglect/Violations

If you are aware of a situation involving the abuse or neglect of an animal, or witness a violation of County or State ordinance (i.e. an animal running loose or unregistered/ unvaccinated animals) please complete a Voluntary Witness Statement and mail or bring it in to us. We appreciate your help in making us aware of these situations.
We’re busy bees this summer!
This summer you can see us featured at the following events:

   June 5th - 10:00 AM - Old Navy Kids Safety Day
          Come see our presentation about pet safety in the West parking lot
           outside of Old Navy. It will feature Douglas County alumnus Lucky,
           who will be helping us demonstrate what certain dog behaviors mean!
    June 5th - 1:30 PM - Arthur Strawberry Jam
          While we will not be featuring a booth this year, come see us walk
           with a couple adoptable dogs in the Pet Parade. We will also be
           available before and after the parade near Graham Veterinary Clinic
           to answer any questions. Ask about our $15.00 microchip vouchers!
    June 10th - 12th - All Day - Douglas/Moultrie Garage Sale Trail
          Stop by and see us on your way around town! We will be
           microchipping for $15.00 Thursday and Friday during business hours.
           We are also encouraging people to keep an eye out for deals on
           crates, carriers, and other goodies for our furry friends here at the
           shelter. Stop by Saturday with a donation and take a look at the furry
           friends we have available!
    August 21 - 7:00 AM - Urbana Market At The Square
          Join us at Market at the Square where we will be featuring a couple
           of our adoptables as well as educating people on picking the perfect
           companion and complying with laws in Douglas County.

Stay tuned! More events will be added as we confirm our participation.