Drive Safely!

Turn off Cell B/4 Driving

None of us ever want to have someone we care about be injured or die in a car wreck (I refuse to even call them an accident.) caused by cell phone use. We also don’t want to see anyone we care about have to face realizing they caused injury or death to someone else because they were using a cell phone and driving at the same time.

We all learned how easy it was to make a habit of seat belt use, now: TURN OFF THE CELL PHONE B/4 INSERTING THE KEY INTO THE IGNITION! 
You’ll still be alive & well after you remove the key & find out who you might have heard from after your safe arrival! 

Please take a moment to download this file and print on an Avery 5260 sticker sheet so you can hand out these stickers for Valentines Day!

Valentine Stickers (PDF File)
Spread the Word Stickers (PDF File)

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