South Pole Football And More




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                                                                                        M. Ernie Mrozek   U.S.Navy

                                                                                                      1961/1965  PH2



    As a Naval Photographer attached to MCB 8

(Mobile Construction Battalion Eight) I had the

opportunity to document with pictures the

accomplishments and a bit of history while stationed

at the bottom of the Earth, Antarctica. I thought it

time after fifty years to let out some of my photos.


Photo by M.E.Mrozek


   On the morning of November 26th 1962  while

drinking hot cocoa and listening to Pasty Cline down

in the chow hall, Moose Marino came down and ask if

I would bring my camera equipment up topside because

we are going to have a football game. I looked at him in

a strange way, but up topside we went. The rest

is history.

The 1st Football Game on the South Pole  



  See Pictures of Game