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Last updated: May 18, 2018

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Phone #
5 O 3
President Chet Wolter  647-2012 E-Mail President
Past President Sally Duyck  645-2414 E-Mail Past President
Vice President Doug Morgan  314-2635 E-Mail Vice President
Secretary Chris Stover  332-9730 E-Mail Secretary
Treasurer Darlene Ditsworth  645-7311 E-Mail Treasurer
TVC Delegate Mike Duyck  645-2414 E-Mail TVC Delegate
TVC Delegate Doug Morgan  314-2635 E-Mail TVC Delegate
Membership/Roster Darlene / Chet  645-7311 E-Mail Membership
Sunshine Cindy Kurle  484-3230 E-Mail Sunshine
Club Reporter Krystal Lass  648-8291 E-Mail Club Reporter
Visitations David Van Winkle  708-8575 E-Mail Visitations Chair
Class Chair 2018-19 Glenda Bray  971-226-9682 E-Mail Class Chair
Records & Documents Ferrous Steinka  649-9487 E-Mail Agent of Records
State Corporation & IRS
Social Activities Krystal Laas  648-8291 E-Mail Social Activities Chair
Webmasters Ferrous & Karen Steinka  649-9487 E-Mail Webmaster

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