Banners / Policy

Last updated: July 3, 2018

If your club appears below....We HAVE SIEZED YOUR Banner
come, dance with us, and retrieve your banner

Columbia River Dancers (2) Tualatin Timber Squares Chaps & Petticoats
WaveSteppers (2) Toe Draggers (2) Eager Beavers
Valley Squares Tumbleweeds Squarenaders
TriSquares (3) Hoedowners  

Club Banner Policy:

Visiting clubs with one complete square may request either our club banner or retrieve theirs.  With two or more complete squares both requests may be granted.  Visiting club members are counted from the donation sign-in sheet.  Advanced notification of a visitation is appreciated but not necessary to earn a banner.  If your club has at least 25 members you'll need a full square; smaller clubs will need 6 dancers.  Special dances with a dinner served prior to the dance WILL require advanced notification of a visitation in order to earn a banner.  A visiting club may not earn more than one (1) Sunset Promenader banner and one (1) retrieval of their own for each visitation.

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