Welcome to the Form All Tool Company website!
We are the Screw Machine Cutting Tool Specialists.
Ready and able to make your tools to your specifications.

Founded in 1968 by brothers Darryl & Jack Peterson,
Form All Tool Company is now run by Darryl's son,
Tom Peterson and his daughter Cindy Lombard.
Still dedicated to providing quality tooling to meet your needs.

Your Cutting Tool Specialists
We specialize in:
803 South Mears Avenue
Whitehall, MI  49461
231-894-9358 - fax
Hours:  7 am to 4 pm
How to order:
Orders may be placed by:
calling 231-894-6303,
by fax at 231-894-9358,
by email at Tom@formalltool.com
or Randi@formalltool.com

Dovetail Forms & Shaves
Circular Forms & Shaves
Internal & External Broaches
Reamer,Drills and Recess Tools
Insert tooling
Thread Rolls
C.J. Winters and Davenport Parts

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