March 22 2014 complaint letter to CEO - (click here)

April 13, 2014 - I got my answer - no surprise, NO one cares:
   the Friday after I mailed a complaint to Fronties's ceo, I received a message on my phone machine from "Tom"; per his message, he left a call back number (570-265-1801), and will call again Monday, to resolve the slow speed first, (as far as I understand it, the speed is set somewhere outside, so he could fix it without needing any contact to me - just dial it up!)then will check the webmail problem, and then will get a specialist to address my bill.

NO surprise, he did NOT call (or left no message)

   I work during the week, so cannot easily call him back. On Tues April 8, I FINALLY took myself off the clock, dialed his 'call back number' and got a voice recording - I left my name, briefly recounted that I am at work, the problem needs to be resolved when I am home - THUS, ON THE WEEKEND, and that he did NOT call back as he had promied. I left NO number, cannot take a call at work, and they have all my info tied to my name, so he can certainly figure it out.

serve the customer or LOSE the customer.

the backstory:

... using a different provider while at State College, speed test results prove the problem is NOT my computer - it IS FRONTIER.

They want me to PAY for this??? BULL!

Compare YOUR speed here: