March 22 2014 complaint letter to CEO - (click here)

(NOTE to family and friends - sorry, my phone # is disconnected...)        ; 

April 13, 2014 - I got my answer - no surprise, NO one cares:

   the Friday after I mailed a complaint to Fronties's ceo, I received a message on my phone machine from "Tom"; per his message, he left a call back number (570-265-1801), and will call again Monday, to resolve the slow speed first, (as far as I understand it, the speed is set somewhere outside, so he could fix it without needing any contact to me - just dial it up!)then will check the webmail problem, and then will get a specialist to address my bill.

NO surprise, he did NOT call (or left no message)

   I work during the week, so cannot easily call him back. On Tues April 8, I FINALLY took myself off the clock, dialed his 'call back number' and got a voice recording - I left my name, briefly recounted that I am at work, the problem needs to be resolved when I am home - THUS, ON THE WEEKEND, and that he did NOT call back as he had promied. I left NO number, cannot take a call at work, and they have all my info tied to my name, so he can certainly figure it out.

serve the customer or LOSE the customer.

April 24, 2014 - MORE BULL from Frontier: "... has increased the provisioned speed at your location..." ???!!!!????

   NOT according to THESE speed tests! SPEED TEST DOCUMENTATION HERE
(pdf will open in a new tab)

(and even if they HAD 'increased speed' - which they DID NOT, this further proves the point that they COULD have tried this 'fix' as a first response to my March 22 letter, instead of playing phone tag and expecting ME to run through their maze!)

11 May 2014   MY REPLY:

Ms. Vona,
  I am responding to your letter of April 24th, 2014. As I already explicitly informed you (when I DID call your number previously,) I am NOT willing to communicate by phone. I want documentation.
  However, in an attempt to have this reach you sooner rather than later, I am leaving this ONE last phone message - and I am reading it directly from this note as a "prepared script."
  DO NOT "further attempt to reach me by phone". Email would be my preferred method of communication (and you DO have my address in your records), but my connection IS so slow, I might not get it.
  It IS curious that you did not give your email address as a point of contact - it would be faster than postal mail IF I had a reliable internet communications company. Oh, that DOES explain it, doesn't it?
  Since I cannot reach you that way, you can read any further communications from me on my website at:
  Frontier has NOT improved the speed - I have tested from both wired and wireless, on multiple comptuers, and within 10 feet of the modem. The difference is negligible. If you view the speedtests on my webpage, you will note fleeting moments when I get a slight bump, but Frankly, your full of bull mascot doesn't say "maybe" you'll get the speed you need sometimes, or "you'll get speed if no one else is on the party line."
  You would like to address additional concerns? Your advertising is fraudulent. QUIT!
  The best time to call? NEVER.

check YOUR speed - - and QUIT FRONTIER!!!!

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the backstory:

... using a different provider while at State College, speed test results prove the problem is NOT my computer - it IS FRONTIER.

They want me to PAY for this??? BULL!

Compare YOUR speed here: