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      The DeKalb First United Methodist Fastpitch Softball Team was formed in 1956 and won the league championship in 1960, '61, '64, '82, '84, '86, '87, '88, '89 and were runner-ups in '58, '62, '63, '66, '83 and'85. After the '89 season the team disbanded and did not participate again until , 2010, when I took the reins. My name is Paul Garlisch and I am a veteran slowpitch player of 20 plus years. I started this endeavor without knowing the rich history of this Church Team nor of the DeKalb/Sycamore Fastpitch League.

       Now, I'm going into my seventh year of playing fastpitch softball and I consider myself one of those old vets. Over the past seven years this team has had its up and downs. We always seem to take two steps forward, but end up four steps behind. In the game of fastpitch it take the right mix of players, fundamentals, and with a few positive bounces you're wining the league. I have a good feeling about this seventh year. We have a good core, some younger talent, and a great desire to play. You can just feel it during our practices, and I'm looking forward to watching this develope as the season progresses. With some big shoes to fill, laid out by our predecessors, I'm positive this team will bring back the winning traditions in Fastpitch Softball to the First United Methodist Chuch of DeKalb.

Dekalb First United Methodist 2016 Softball Team

I hope our visitors will return regularly and keep up with the team's progress. It's a work in progress and I hope you all pray for our health, fellowship, and success.  



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"There are three things in my life which I really love, God, My Family, and Softball. The only problem - once Softball season starts, I change the order around a bit"


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