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The history of "Gordon's act of inverse Vandalism" AKA: Welcome to my World

8/16/01 Ground breaking (in a manner of speaking.)

Site first published.
-One web photo album
-Two cooking articles and one link.
-Two Real estate articles and no links.
-Nothing about Frugal living

Sidebar navigation added to Real estate section
Real estate links added

Table size made to be 100% of Browser window
Modified tags in Masthead, Removed frames escape link from nav bar
Added article "The Case For Hiring a Property Manager"

Revised Cooking index. Added the first dozen recipes.
Added sidebar navigation to cooking articles and recipes.

Added articles
"Ten Tips" and "How to make Money" to the Real Estate section.
Made revisions to "How to buy a Duplex"
Changed (already) the Recipe sidebar to show only the recipes in the current categories.

Added three sauce recipes, two salad recipes and two more main dishes to the cooking section.
Changed the title of the cooking section (again).
revised Cooking index to add article descriptions.
Still nothing about Frugal Living.

Swapped the header and sidebar colors.
Redesigned the navbar and masthead.
Gave all the index pages the same look.
These changes are not migrated to the content pages. (x real estate)
Frugal living index is done, but still no content
Added a Fun and Games page. No content yet

Pasta salad construction kit is now local.
Tweaked some colors.
Activated frames version of recipes
Cooking Articles are getting new format
Moved Genealogy to its own directory

Added article "Basic Record keeping.."
Added content to "Who Should buy..."
Added a property account worksheet
Restored content to the home page
Have a copy of the old home page for readers of CIGHTML
Removed the link to Duplex Dummy (link rot)

Added two mortgage calculators
Changed the color scheme again.
Added a style sheet.

Perpetuated the new color scheme and style to the cooking and recipe indexes
All pages except recipe pages now have a consistent style.
Touched up the Real Estate side bar.

May 4th 2002
New style for the recipe pages. Recipe pages now have consistant style.
Added a link on the recipe side menus to get back to cooktoc
Added recipe for Potato Cheddar bake
Removed link to old index

May 11 02
Added a list of books to real estate index
Added Prudential logo and links to my pru-nw web page.
Added Icons of books to index pages.

June 08 2002
Added more 12 recipes.
Cleaned up the recipe side menus
There are a couple of frugal living articles waiting to be loaded.

June 15 2002
Frugal Living is finaly alive with 2 Frugal Housing articles
Why Buy a Duplex is cross linked into Frugal Living
Budget Basics article added.
Dollar Strecher articles added

June 17 2002
Added link to Real
Tweeked a few real estate articles.

June 24 2002
Added So'more pie

July 2 2002
Added contact information to the Prudential link.
Redid mortgage calculator2
Fixed link in Duplex as shelter
Added another Gary Forman article

July 15th
Mortgage calculators are now run in a popup window with their directions also in popup.
Adding graphics to several of the outside links.

October 3rd
The last few months have seen only minor updates.

November 6th
The pasta salad construction kit has been automated.

December 3rd
Changed name of Cooking to Bachelor cooking.
Tightened up the home page text.
Put Bart Simson on the Fun & Games page.

February, 15 2003
Adding some color and style changes to the index pages. Sidebars have more separation of content.

August, 30 2003
Added a photo album of Geoffrey
Double munged my e-mail address
Added article "How Much" to frugal living

November, 6 2003
Uploaded Sim City pictures of Elmwod to Fun And games

July 18 and 19 2004
Added article "Lessons learned..."
Fixed formatting issues that became appearent with FireFox

Somteime in between
Added a bunch of recipes

December 11 2005
Removed the geneology stuff
Removed the Meet my Family section and photo albums

Adding a section about technology to Frugal Living

Added Small track plans to Fun and games
Updates to Front page
Updated Mainstyle.css to support topnav style
Adding thin Nav bar (topnav) to some pages.
Minor changes to TVoIP

Adding iPod freedom page
Giving all the TOC pages the topnav style menue
Using a new H3 style on some pages

Major revision
Changed the name of the site to Welcome to my World
New home page and TOC pages
Added a section on Technology
Using worldstyle.css for styles. Older pages still reference mainstyle.css
Updated pages (most) to the new world style
Corrected an error on the Favorite recipies frame set that caused the menu links to load into the header.

Updated iTunes alternitives and iPod video pages