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October 18, 2016                                       

Ian talks Aerosmith

October 1, 2016                                       

Hey, vinyl collectors - what are your recent purchases?
Ian talks collecting Guns N' Roses and Queen 45's.


September 16, 2016                                    


Ian talks about why his Dad was so important to his music, learning from Sponge's guitar players, and playing on an album with the singer from Slash's first solo album.


September 5, 2016                                       

What concerts did you go to this summer?
Ian talks Guns N Roses, Hollywood Vampires,
and Black Sabbath!


July 13, 2016                                            

Ian talks T-Rex!


July 10, 2016                                            

Ian talks Guns N' Roses
and their new tour


July 7, 2016                                            

Ian talks about the new album,
"End of the Line."


May 30, 2015                                            

Ian catches up with his old
Hollywood Fugitives bandmate, Tod!

February 2, 2015                                          

January 21, 2015                                          

October 14, 2013                                          

July 3, 2013