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How are white squirrels able to survive in a forest?

Survival is the only moral goal of life

Growth challenge of the United States

Scalar Theory of Everything model for steering humanity's growth


I was reared on a farm and blooded as a hunter at 13. After 4 years in the Army, I left as a captain. I have a BS in physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a MS in physics from Georgia Institute of Technology. I sold my electronics company in 1991 (I was 49); retired; retired from retiring; and became an inventor and amateur astronomer. My interest in cosmology developed. I conceived a radical new cosmology model in 2002 and started publishing papers and instructing at Blue Ridge Community College. After writing “Theory of Everything; scalar potential model of the big and the small”, my interest turned to philosophy. I like to think I am dedicating my life to public usefulness. (html format)

My current philosophical interest is to conceive of a constitution for a world order for humanity's growth. (html format)

My current scientific interest is to advance the Theory of Everything which is renamed the Emergent Theory of Everything (ETOE). (html format)



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