Theory of Everything: Scalar potential model of the big and the small


The ONLY model that corresponds to general relativity and quantum mechanics. The Scalar Theory of Everything (STOE) posits the stuff of our universe is continually entering through Sources and exiting through Sinks. Spiral galaxies form around Sources. Elliptical galaxies form around Sinks. Thus describing many differences between spiral and elliptical galaxies.

The stuff of our universe is plenum and hods. The plenum is the “space” of general relativity and the wave function field of Bohmian quantum mechanics. Thus positing the origin and action of the Bohmian wave function field. This provides the connection between the big and small models rather than 'gravitons', etc. The plenum is responsible for the wave phenomena of light and matter, inertial mass, and kinetic energy.

The hod is a two dimensional, fundamental particle of matter. It is responsible for the particle phenomena of light, gravitational mass, and potential energy.

The plenum acts on the surface area of the hod and the hod warps the plenum. The combination of hods and plenum provides the structure of particles.

The model passes the prime test for a new model because it has made predictions that later observations confirm. The paper that resulted in the predictions about the Pioneer Anomaly was written in 2006. Three of the predictions that no other model predicted were reported in 2011.

THE ONLY MODEL that provides a theoretical calculation of the temperature of the microwave background radiation.

THE ONLY MODEL that provides an explanation of asymmetric rotation curves; of discrete redshift observations; of the relation between a spiral galaxy's central mass and its outer parameter; and of rising, falling, and flat rotation curves.

THE ONLY MODEL that describes photon interference patterns as shown by a simulation of photon interference and proposes the origins and reality of the Bohm wavefunction field.