A Prayer for Peace

May our enemies wake up
as we do each day,
finding that their world
has not come to an end
by our hand.

May we all live as intended
in a world at peace,
with respect for each other
and our many differences,
with awareness of the beauty
that daily surrounds us
in every sunrise and set,
every flower's tranquil unfolding,
every baby's innocent smile,
and every grateful beat of our heart.

- Jim Stoffels
23 November 2001

(Based on a Y2K wish by an unknown author)

Prayer for Peace

Blessed are you, O God most High!

By your grace,
may this be a time of deep conversion and return to you.
May it be a time of reconciliation between people,
and of peace restored among nations,
a time when swords are beaten into plowshares
and the clash of arms gives way to songs of peace.

Grant that we may be attentive in listening to your Word,
obedient to the prompting of your Spirit,
and faithful to the humble and compassionate way of Jesus.

Help us to overcome evil with good,
so that our lives may be a sign of hope
to our nation and the world.


(Adapted from the Jubilee 2000 Prayer of Pope John Paul II)