Real Property Assessment

Mission Statement

To provide a fair and equitable assessment of each and every property within the Town of Johnsburg.

To accomplish this the following resources are used  – Tax MapsDeeds of Record & Surveys, Geographic Information System, Sale/Transfer Records, up to date Property Inventories, Photos and the NYS RPS computerized real property information and valuation system.



· Determine and maintain assessments, property inventory records, maps, ownership and exemptions on approximately 3,600 parcels.

· Ensure that the assessments are based on the property's current inventory by inspecting new construction and improvements made to existing structures.

· Process sales and transfers of property and maintain a sales book of properties that sold within our town.

· Assist taxpayers with completing their exemption applications and determine their eligibility.

· Establish a taxable value for all Real Property subject to taxation. List the values of all property on the yearly Assessment Roll.

· Assist the public with general data, valuation and equity questions, exemptions and grievances.


Assessment Facts

· Number of parcels ~ 3567 (Residential 1700, Vacant Land 900, Parks/Wild/Forest 750)

· Land Size ~ 207 Square Miles or 132,480 Acres

· About 58 percent of the land, is owned by the State of New York and is deemed “forever wild”

· Fewer than 40 percent of the homes are owned by year-round residents

· Level of Assessment ~ 2%

· Effective Tax Rate ~ 1.85%

· School Districts within the borders of the Town ~ Johnsburg CSDWarrensburg CSD, and North Warren CSD


Important Dates

· March 1st – Deadline for Exemptions & Taxable Status Date (property inventory as of this date)

· May 1st – Tentative Assessment Roll filed. Change of assessment notices are mailed

· 4th Tuesday in May – Grievance Day - Board of Assessment Review meets to hear all taxpayers complaints regarding assessments - 4-8 pm in the Library

· July 1st – Final Assessment Roll filed & Valuation date



STAR Basic ~ School Tax Relief Exemption for owner-occupied primary residences for any age, income less than $500,000.

STAR Enhanced ~ School Tax Relief Exemption for those 65 and over during the year of allocation, income must be under $86,000 and property has to be the primary residence. Must re-apply each year unless you have signed up for the Income Verification Program (IVP)

Senior Citizens ~ Property Tax Exemptions for seniors 65 and over with limited income. Property must be the primary residence. Total annual income for all people residing in dwelling from all sources must be less than $32,400. This exemption requires renewal each year.

Veterans ~ Property Tax Exemptions for those who served in any Branch of the Armed Forces and have been honorably discharged.  Wartime and Cold war periods apply.  The property must be the primary residence.  Copy of DD214 (Service Record) is necessary to process application.


New STAR “Check” Registration Requirements Information

Due to recent law changes approved by the Governor and Legislature this past April, the STaR program is being restructured. New York State has decided that the Tax Department will administer any NEW STaR applications, taking the duty from your local Assessor.  This change is retroactive March 1, 2015.  Any new homeowners that have registered at your local Assessor’s office will now be required to register with NYS in order to receive a STaR check.  This means that instead of the STaR exemption being deducted from your school tax bill, you will have to pay your FULL school tax bill.  According to the State, you will receive the same dollar benefit in the form of a check around the same time your school taxes are due. 

What to Do Next:

· Register on-line at:

· Or call (518) 457-2036

In order to receive your STaR check this September, you need to register with the State by July 1st

We regret any inconvenience or confusion as a result of this new procedure and want you to know that your local Assessor as well as Assessors throughout New York State were vehemently against this change and were very vocal about this to our State officials nevertheless, they chose to put this new plan in place anyway.


Mailing Address

Your mailing address information is maintained by the Assessment Office as the primary means of the Town corresponding with you.  Your mailing address is used for many purposes including:

· Property & School Tax billing

· North Creek Water District billing

· To alert you of new or changing property tax exemptions and to send out renewal applications yearly

· To advise you of any pending zoning issues that might effect your property

· To inform you of any changes in your assessment

· NYS uses this address to send out the Tax Credit Checks yearly


Help us keep our records current by informing us of any changes of address. You can do this by calling or emailing the Assessor or using our online property mailing address change form.










[4th Tuesday in May from 4-8pm] 

· Lloyd Burch

· James Smith




Board of Assessment Review

Christian Holt
Sole Assessor

Office Hours
Walk-in Hours
Monday - Thursday 8am - Noon
* other times it’s best to call ahead

Contact Information
219 Main Street
North Creek, NY 12853
(518) 251-2421
fax: 518-251-9991