Wilson Racquetball (Chris Evon and Terri Graham)


Fridley Lifetime Fitness


Tournament Director: John Wilinski


WSMRA Tournament Committee:

·          Terry Rogers

·          Merijean Kelley

·          Paula Sperling


Local Minnesota Committee:

·          Kerry Stellmach

·          Kelly Kirk

·          Page Kern

·          Dana Wallace


Volunteers and Tournament Desk:

·          Nidia Funes

·          Pat Meyer

·          Kathy Zasucha

·          Cindy Tilbury

·          Jean Halahan

·          Carol Gellman

·          Tina Marchie –photographer “extraordinaire”


Everyone who donated to the Silent Auction

·          Wilson Racquetball

·          Paula Sperling

·          Terry Rogers

·          Judy Redding

·          Lynn Fonseca


Shuttle Drivers:

·          Paul Ryan

·          Drew and Dylan


All the players, volunteers and everyone who made the tournament a success!!