WomenÕs Senior/Masters Racquetball Association


The WSMRA was started in 1993 by a group of women who had played in several senior womenÕs tournaments originally organized by Ivan Bruner, one of the founders of the National Masters Racquetball Association (NMRA).  Our tournament, the WomenÕs Senior/Masters National Championships, celebrated 25 years in 2014!


The WSMRA is a voluntary organization of women 35 and over who want to promote racquetball as a lifetime sport for all women. Our aim is to encourage current players to stay active and keep playing, and to introduce new women to racquetball and tournament competition. Our members range in age from 35 to over 80!  We hold a USARacquetball sanctioned national tournament every January, usually at a different location around the country.  The tournament features round-robin singles competition in age groups from 35+ up to 80+ with both open/A and B/C divisions available. WomenÕs doubles divisions were  added starting with the  2015 tournament. All tournament wins count in the current USAR ranking system.  Our tournament is also currently a regional qualifier for USARacquetball Nationals for all participants 50 and over.


In our tournaments you will meet and play against women from all over North America. We emphasize fun, friendship, competition and good sportsmanship.


You do not have to be a member of the WSMRA to play in our tournament, although a donation is greatly appreciated.  These donations allow us to defray the expenses that may be incurred in putting on the tournament.  We also send out a membership booklet periodically, which is a great way to keep up with your friends, and to find women to play when you are traveling.  We send regular email updates, publish an occasional newsletter with tournament results and other news, and maintain a web site and a Facebook page.


WSMRA Tournament Sites 

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1990- Madison, WI

1991- Madison, WI

1992- Charlotte, NC

1993- St Louis, MO

1994- Jacksonville, FL

1995- Atlanta, GA

1996- San Francisco, CA

1997- Chattanooga, TN

1998- Los Angeles, CA

1999- Chicago, IL

2000- Baltimore, MD

2001- Los Angeles, CA

2002- Detroit, MI

2003- Orlando, FL

2004- San Francisco, CA

2005- Indianapolis, IN

2006- Arlington, TX

2007 - Orlando, FL

2008- Overland Park, KS

2009- Los Angeles, CA

2010- Bethesda, MD

2011- Littleton, CO

2012- Sarasota, FL

2013 –Arlington, TX

2014- Fountain Valley, CA

2015- Fridley, MN

2016- Tucson, AZ