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Our family makes parched corn, a crunchy snack.  It is made from dried sweet corn.  We grow it, pick it, shell it, clean it, deep fry it, salt it---all in our home.
The best way to describe parched corn--it is comparable to half-popped pop corn kernels or corn nuts--although it is not as hard as either.  Our parched corn is a snack that is made in the fall.  We will sell parched corn as long as we have it. 
Normal shipping time is 5-7 business days.  Right now, we are shipping only in the United States.
email any questions to
Orders are taken through email.  Our order process is like this:  customer tells us how much parched corn they would like and their zip code, we research shipping costs, we get back to customer with a total, customer pays, we ship out the parched corn, customer tells us how much they like the parched corn. 
Thanks for veiwing our website and enjoy the corn!!!

Our prices are

  • $1.50* small bag--approximately 1 cup 
  • $2.50* large bag--approximately 2 1/2 cups

*plus shipping & handling

We accept cashier's checks/money orders and Paypal.

Martin's Parched Corn

How To Order

please put "parched corn" in the subject line.


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Circleville, Ohio

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