Healing Hands
(This page was placed on the web March 24, 2001)

I have recently sent out the following message by email and the miracles of healing just keep taking place. Now, Archangel Michael has guided me to take a picture of my hand and put a page on my two web sites whereby I am told the healing can also be had by any who place their hand over mine. The Light of our One Infinite Creator can be felt and can heal that which is needed by you. If you copy this page to send to others . . .Please do not alter it in any way by REMOVING OR SENDING THIS PAGE send only the url not the page. If you wish to place a link on your web site please do but only a link. I am told if the page is removed from this site the healing powers will not be as strong. It would be best to send them the url and let them make their own choice.

I would appreciate feed-back of your experiences if you so choose as I am told by Archangel Michael and Mother Earth it is very important for me to receive feed-back.

This energy sent forth will release fear, depression, pain, physical healing can take place . . . anything that is needed by the individual receiving it. Many miraculous healings have taken place by people following these
directions. Read many of the varied experiences at: http://mysite.ncnetwork.net/ladyisis/Testimonials.htm these are samples of the feed-back I receive.

Lay the palm of your hand upon the screen of your computer upon my hand . . . I Isis, hereby send forth love and healing Light to all who places their hand upon mine. Feel the Light from the Creator!"


In the service of the Creator,