The Amiga Internet Starter Kit

When I first started this project of compiling the software needed to let an Amiga connect to the Internet, making that connection wasn't easy. The first method was to essentially set up your own network with the TCP/IP protocol which just happened to allow you to dial out to the Internet. It wasn't an easy task. Late in 1996, Holger Kruse released Miami, which simplified matters immensely.

But, there wasn't any definitive reference that said "you need these programs to do the following activities". The Amiga Internet Starter Kit was the package of software and instructions that I put together for our club. To save space on the on-line version, links were put in place to download the files directly from their original sources.

Club and other matters kept me from getting back to updating the pages. The various programs were updated, and the links became invalid.

Thankfully, updating this Starter Kit is no longer necessary.

Cyberwlf's Amiga Domain has a page called "Getting on the Net with an Amiga". Cyberwlf (that's NOT a typo) has done an excellent job of presenting what hardware and software you need. Cyberwlf lists the Bare Minimum, Realistic Minimum, Middle Range and Ideal specifications for computers and software. In addition, there are sections on connection software, web browsers, IRC (chat) clients, news and e-mail programs, file transfer programs, etc., with links for information and downloading the programs.

I recommend that anyone looking for information on Amiga and the Internet check this page.

Roger Long
December 4, 1997

(Cyberwlf's website was verified as active on November 20, 2001.)

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