Why do these pages look so sparse?

The intent of this web site is to relay information in a quick and useful manner. Many of the sites I've been to are so graphic-laden that it takes an unnecessarily long time just to get anywhere. Even when you have a 56K modem, pictures slow access down and keep you from getting at the information you are seeking.

Many of the Commodore 64 and 128 users come to this page via Lynx, so why waste their time with ALTernate tags describing the pictures they can't see. By using pre-formatted text and the Bold tag, the page looks good in both Lynx and a web browser. This also benefits the blind user who is using a speech program to read web pages out loud to them or the braile device that translates text into physical patterns on the edge of their keyboard. (This was featured on "CNet Central" in 1995.)

Even though this site is primarily text-based, I've split up some of the files so that it doesn't take long to load them up. For example, the Software and Index files have been divided. So, if you're running a 1200 or 2400 bps modem, you won't wait long for the text to appear.

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