About the Commodore Products Source List

The Commodore Products Source List is a guide to help you find software, hardware, accessories and more for your Commodore 64 or Commodore 128. The Products List was started after a game I was playing died on me and I couldn't find any place that still sold it. (Later, I did find the program at Bare Bones Software. Sadly, they're out of business now.) This is its seventh issue.

As long as a company offers some C64 or C128 products, I've also made note of if they carry items for other computers, such as the Amiga or the Mac. There are also entries for supplies such as the DS/DD disks our drives use that are getting harder to find.

The Products List is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing of everything available for our computer, like the "Everything Book" that Tenex once published, but it seems to be getting closer to that. Since a web page is easily updated, perhaps we could use this as a central point for information on what's still available for sale.



Though I have done what I can to verify the information in this List, I cannot guarantee that it will be accurate at all times. Internet web sites appear and disappear rapidly, and in the past, the printed version of the Products List was published about once a year. It is up to you to contact each person/company BEFORE you send in money for an order. It simply is not possible to be aware of every company that no longer supports the C64/C128 and/or goes out of business, and I will not be held responsible for their actions or lack thereof.

If I receive feedback and updates, I will try to keep the On-line Edition as up-to-date as I can. The printed edition will have an update section attached.

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