Babylon-5: The Anime Series -- introduction

I managed to save a copy of this website before it disappeared from the Internet. It was originally located at, but I don't have a record of who the author was (it ain't who's listed in the FAQ).

I also don't have a reason as to why the page disappeared. Usually, it's because the website's owner changed to another ISP and didn't make any arrangements to have visitors to the old location forwarded to their new site. However, if the Babylon-5: TAS website was removed at the request of JMS, Warner Bros., PTEN, or TNT, I'll remove this if they ask me to. (If anyone's thinking of sending me a fake removal request, please don't. You'll just ruin something nice that others could enjoy.)

Note: I've modified a little bit of the wording in the FAQ area so that it doesn't have the usual stilted phrasing that comes with trying to do a word-for-word translation. I did, however, leave the Episode Guide and Character descriptions alone because they sounded interesting like they were.

If you're ready, you can proceed to the Babylon-5: The Anime Series website.

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