Frequently Asked Question about BABYLON-5: ANIME

Q. What's BABYLON 5?

A. BABYLON 5 is a syndicated television series in the USA. It is created by Mr. J. Michael Straczynsky. He wrote an Americanime (cartoon show), "The Real Ghostbusters" and TV mystery show "Murder, She Wrote", and many other television shows. It's a live action SF show, alive since 1992, concerning the brave space station "BABILON 5" and its characters, many of whom have personal problems. It's a hit!

Q. What's Anime?

A. The "anime", native form of animation film in Japan, is popular in many Countries. Anime uses special filmic techniques and stylizations to create "effect" in the mind of viewer. Anime can have many subjects, from sports to love problems to SF.


A. Anime version of BABYLON 5; note there is a hyphen in the name. It's real name is "Shin Jidai Heiwa Uchuu Yosai Go-Babiron" or "New Age Space Peace Fortress Babylon-5." (Usually, one just says "Uchuu Yosai Go-Ba"). It's a series of TV animated shows, created by director Uso Tsukino (Oo-soh Su-ki-noh, called "Mr. Tsukino") and produced by Studio Jordan (Sutuudio Joh-dan) in 1992. There are 24 complete episodes; No. 25 and No. 26 were produced but withdrawn by Mr. Tsukino for strange reasons.

Q. When was BABYLON-5: THE ANIME seen?

A. Anime version of BABYLON 5 was never seen on TV! Mr. Tsukino received the request in 1991 from Mr. Straczynsky to make the show, since he was still in need of money at the time. (He is now rich!) At the time, the US television network WARNER BROTHERS PTEN was not being forthcoming with needed cash, due to expensive high-budgets of series KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES. Studio Jordan paid cash to Mr. Straczynsky for permission to make the animated production, but it was said in the contract that 1. The story must be different, and 2. the series would never to be seen the the U.S., Mexico, or Canada. Also, Mr. S. was said to have the final say over the story editing.

Then, after BABYLON 5 was broadcast, Mr. Straczynsky was busy writing an entire season of the episodes, so he didn't watch Mr. Tsukino too closely. Mr. T. then created the GO-BABILON story and change of characters to similar. Studio Jordan began filming episodes in December of 1992, and shipped the final episodes to the USA one year later.

Unfortunately, Mr. Straczysky didn't like the anime! He had completely no approval over the changes to characters or story, and disapproved. Studio Jordan was ordered to destoy all of the image of Go-BABYLON, and all prints. Sadly, this was done. Only a few images and sketches remain, as well as a synopsis of the series story. This we've hidden most carefully, until the present time, for you!

Q. What happened to Mr. Tsukino?

A. After the debacle, of GO-BABILON, Mr. T. went on a cruise. He is working on the new OVA now, with Mr. John O'Donnel of Central Prak Media in USA.

Q. What happened to Mr. Straczynsky?

A. He now lives in a big, luxury house in Sherman Oaks, California, and produces and writes new episodes of BABYLON 5, the series the world loves, for the TNT Network.


Editorial&Written: HONTO JANAIYO
English Translation&Design: MAYUMI&VICKY