Why wouldn't you want to scare the Hell out of someone?

Raise your hand. How many people have heard the phrase "scare the Hell out of me"?

Now, how many of you that raised your hand really think about what that means at the moment you hear it?

Probably not many. The obscenity goes by and we're so used to it that it doesn't have the impact and same meaning that it used to.

But if you do think about exactly that phrase says, it might be a good thing to "scare the Hell out of me". Most people agree that Hell is not a desirable place to wind up in. So, if you remove the tendencies that will lead you to being in Hell after you die, you're a step further in the right direction.


Now, on to the subject of "getting the crap kicked out of him"...

(Computer: I'm sorry, but modesty prevents me from discussing bodily functions here.)

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