You've never checked out a library like this!
Activision brings you The Infocom Collections, a five volume compilation of intriguing interactive text adventures. You are the author, determining the story's development while twisting and turning the plot time and time again.

Featuring complex storylines, unexpected character development and rich narrative structure, these thrilling games take fiction to a new level. Watch out Alfred Hitchcock, Activision is unleashing the art of storytelling to a crop of would-be authors.

All you need is a PC or Macintosh CD-ROM and the desire for spine-tingling suspense, hilarious comedy and perplexing puzzles. These are the classic literary games that started a computer revolution and helped define the idea of interactive entertainment - and now they can be yours.

So, get your fill of mystery, adventure, comedy, fantasy and science fiction in the Infocom Collections. Read on for a taste of what awaits you.

The Mystery Collection includes classic stories such as "Ballyoo," "Deadline," "Witness," "Moonmist," and "Sherlock."

The Adventure Collection brings you "Border Zone," "Plundered Hearts," "Cutthroats," "Trinity," and "Infidel."

Laugh out loud with the Comedy Collection featuring "Bureaucracy," "Hollywood Hijinx," and "Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It."

Let your imagination go with the Fantasy Collection including "Spellbreaker," "Enchanter," "Sorcerer," "Seastalker," and "Wishbringer."

And finally, the Science Fiction Collection includes "Suspended," "A Mind Forever Voyaging," "Starcross," "Stationfall," and the absolutely fabulous "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy."


There's a sucker born every minute, and you could be next! It's death-defying suspense under the big top in Ballyhoo! (18k)

Can you help the world's greatest detective solve the puzzling crime? It's Sherlock's most baffling case, and he's counting on you in Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels. (24k)

You've got a bird's eye lowdown on the caper... and 12 hours to solve the crime. Speak up and be silent in The Witness. Somebody's going to take the deep six! (16k)

Nothing is what it seems in Moonmist, a ghastly mystery. (19k)

A locked door. A dead man. 12 hours to solve a murder. Deadline. (20k)

Guilty...until proven innocent. Anyone could have done it, everyone has something to hide. Suspect . (32k)


Don't trust your fellow divers... It's every man for himself in Cutthroats! (18k)

It's non-stop action and intrigue behind the Iron Curtain in Border Zone. The cold war has never been hotter! (21k)

A pyramid, riches and revenge. All the ingredients needed for an expedition into adventure! This time, you are the Infidel. (25k)

Peril, romance and adventure! Dive into the wonder of Plundered Hearts. (32k)


Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It and neither will you in these eight tales of cliches, spoonerisms and Other Verbal Trickery. It's a punny, punny world.... (32k)

Battle with the powers that be in Bureaucracy. Not a game for the weak of heart. (28k)

It's a treasure hunt in Tinseltown. Prepare yourself for the mad-cap antics of Hollywood Hi-Jinx ! (29k)


Dive deep into danger in Seastalker. (34k)

Through strange, savage zones, your way will be shown by the magical stone called Wishbringer . (jpeg format 15k)

An unknown evil causes magic to fail and threatens your world with total annihilation. Only the most inspired enchanter can hope to uncover and destroy this dark force in Spellbreaker. (19k)

When a dark and powerful evil usurps the land, grasp this reliquary. Sealed within, find the wisdom that can guide you, the brave novice who shall be hailed Enchanter! (23k)

A new evil threatens the kingdom and the most powerful of all enchanters has vanished. You are his only hope of rescue in Sorcerer! (19k)

Criss-cross time and space in this exciting journey into the unknown. Trinity . (15k)


Don't panic! It's only the outrageous sci-fi text adventure, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! (22k)

There's a mystery at Space Station Gamma, and it's up to you to solve it in Stationfall ! (25k)

The challenge was issued eons ago, from light-years away. Only you can meet it. Starcross . (jpeg format 13k)

You are not like everyone else. You are A Mind Forever Voyaging. (25k)

Only your wits can save the world in Suspended, a cryogenic nightmare. (16k)

Please note: the above page and pictures originally came from Activision's web site, and they mistakenly had "Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It" listed as "Home Range". They have redesigned their entire site, and so this page is no longer there. It has been copied here to here to preserve Infocom history.