The Master Storytellers

A holdover from when Aimfiz spells were not plentiful, this cave serves as the aeroport for Grubbo-by-the-Sea. A sign above the entryway proclaims, "Onward to other ports in the Great Underground Empire!". Tantilizing smells drift your way from from the Zorkbucks in the corner, where ales and meads of all sorts can be purchased. A hint of saltwater wafts in from the cave entrance to the east.
     You purchase your ticket and make your way to the runway. A solitary pterodactyl with a saddle on its back awaits you, so you climb aboard.


Hosts several websites relating to Interactive Fiction, including the Magnetic Scrolls Memorial and Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe.

The Colossal Cave Adventure page.
Dedicated to the program that preceded Infocom's works. (Updated location)

The Unofficial Legend Text Adventure Home Page.
A tribute to Legend Entertainment and their programs. (Legend is an unofficial successor to Infocom.) -- (Updated location)

The Great Underground Empire.
Presented to us as the "home of the Italian Zork Fans", by the Frobozz Magic Company of Italy. Located in Italy, of course, with English and Italian versions of each page. Historians note that this used to be called G.U.E. Secret Entrance #1465122. It has a petition to get Activision to complete the promised Zork games and some Zork-related cursors files for IBM computers.

Andy Edwards' The Big Zork Page.
This site offers a lot: fan fiction, sound files, history on Infocom and Zork, walkthroughs, and a bunch more. An excellent website that almost made the "Reference Websites" list.

The Infocom Web Ring.
The Interactive Fiction Webring.
The Zork Webring.
The Zork Webring.
(No relation.)
Webrings are a collection of related websites, linked together.

User Friendly.
An excellent online comic strip that has run two series that wandered into text adventure territory. The first series started back on November 8th, 1999. The second series started on June 12, 2001, drifted over into MechWarrior territory, back to text adventures, and was discontinued because of the events on September 11th.

The "gue-tech" server.
The American Society for Engineering Education named one of their servers "gue-tech", in honor of the George Underwood Edwards Institute of Technology, so they created a website with details from Infocom's game, The Lurking Horror.

The inspiration for the GUE Tech campus in The Lurking Horror.

Tony Evans' Zork Grand Website.
Dori Londres' Zork Grand Inquisitor website.

Two excellent sites devoted exclusively to Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

Online Interactive Fiction/Revenge of the Z-Machine.
A web page that lets you play some text adventures through a web browser with Java support. (Updated location)

Play Zork Online.
Offers Mini-Zork I.

Zarf's Interactive Fiction page.
Contains his award-winning text adventures, in Z-code and online Java format, and his reviews of commercial adventure games like Starship Titanic. The reviews are what I call "real world" reviews--honest and useful.

Snacky Pete's Text Adventure Archive.
A selection of text adventures for downloading that showcases the games he especially likes. Included in those files is Pork 1: The Great Underground Sewer System, a parody of Zork.

Ailanto's Interactive Fiction page.
Offers some interesting links and information on text adventures/Interactive Fiction, including info on developing and playing them in Esperanto. Note: the website will require you to add Turkish language support to your browser, but the page itself is written in English.

Jay Goemmer's Downbelow Station.
Information on his IF Competition entries, the IF Collaborators List, and the Adventure Game Toolkit programming language.

David Glasser's Projects Page.
Lists the IF-related adventures and programs he's been working on, as well as the "Interactive Fiction Hall of Shame", where you can meet other members of the IF community.

The "Great Interactive Fiction Excerpt Hunt".
Started by Jason Dyer.

The BeerQuest 1.1: The Staggering Horror website
A web-based text adventure parody of Infocom's The Lurking Horror.

Edward Harkey's web-based text adventure that calls itself "Zork".
It may or may not be a parody of Zork I.

DreamWorks Interactive's very nice page on The Neverhood.

This game has been out of circulation for about 5 years now, but has many admirers, myself included. (Okay, so this last one is not specifically IF-related. However, it is quite remarkable and worthy of attention.)

"Doo's NeverhoOd FanPage".
Meike Thomas (DoodLeS) is in the process of rebuilding it. Once it is back online, be sure to visit, as it was one of the best websites I'd ever seen on this game.

A quick look around shows that you can climb back down off of the pterodactyl, go back through the aeroport terminal, then go Up the stairs to the Round Room.

>Wish for Freedom (return to the Foyer)

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