The Tri-City Commodore Computer Club
On-line edition, January-March 1999 - Issues #190-192

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President's Message--John Schwab

Well, the Community and Economics Development Department of the City of Kennewick decided on changing the address of my apartment for starters. My apartment address is being changed from #62 to #D207. The new address doesn't become effective until February 19, 1999. It could be worse, I could be the poor apartment manager who has to go through and change all these numbers on the doors and buildings.

Meeting Dates
Here are the meeting dates using the first Thursday of every month. Even if the newsletter doesn't arrive in time, we are still having a meeting for that month.

          February    4            August      5
          March       4            September   2
          April       1            October     7
          May         6            November    4
          June        3            December    2
          July        1

Newsletter in general.
You may have noticed by now the newsletter has not been arriving in a timely monthly manner. This is due to the fact I have been in the process of switching to a better job. So, do bear with me, and I will try to get back on a monthly schedule.

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Tri-Cities BBS list -- supplied by Dan Morgan

Single Line BBS's        
Name Number Board Type Highest Speed SysOp
ACP down WWIV 28.8 Richard McCoy
Arcade 582-9436 RBBS 14.4 Chief Littlefoot
Armageddon down WWIV 33.6 Ragnarok
Crow's Nest down WWIV 28.8 Scarecrow
PC Users Group 735-0344 Wildcat 5 28.8 Brian Dahl
Unknown BBS 967-6785 Telegard 28.8 Loco
Multi-Line BBS's        
Name Number Board Type Highest Speed SysOp
Arid Acres (2 lines) 544-0113 PCBoard 33.6 John Allen
Screamers (4 lines) 545-9648 WWIV 33.6 C.Hawk
Shuttle 64 - line 1 734-3007 Wildcat 5 33.6 John Schwab
Shuttle 64 - line 2 734-7751 Wildcat 5 56K John Schwab
Sigma Iotia ][ (8 lines) down RBBS 28.8 Del Bice

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Commodore Products Source List 7 Press Release -- Roger Long

February 4, 1998 --- Research has started on issue #7 of the Commodore Products Source List (a little later than I wanted, but...). Based on how things went with issues 5 and 6, it takes about two or three months for the companies and people to respond back, and a little over one month to compile the updates. Using this timetable, I anticipate publishing issue #7 in May. The Products List keeps growing in size with each issue, so to cover the additional cost of the postage, the price of List #7 will be $3.00 (U.S. currency, postage to other nations may vary).

   Since changing jobs last fall also meant moving and resiging as Editor of the Tri-City Commodore Computer Club (TC-Cubed), I no longer have access to the newsletters TC-Cubed exchanged with other clubs, and these were my major source of information for the Products List. So, I am asking for help in locating C64/C128-supporting places. These can be anything, such as your local computer store with a corner table of C64 software, places like Creative Micro Designs where Commodore support plays a major role in their business, ribbon and diskette suppliers, web sites that have Commodore content, etc. If you know of any places like this, I would appreciate it if you would send me details on them through either mail or e-mail.

   A second announcement will be made when the List is completed.

Background:    The Commodore Products Source List shows the places and people that support the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 computers, with sections like Stores, Software, Hardware, Repairs, Supplies, Magazines, and more. It also contains product and company indexes, and a list of places and clubs that have discontinued C64 support or have closed. The List primarily covers the United States and Canada, but is expanding to include places worldwide and sites on the Internet. The most current Products List from August 1997 (with updates) is viewable on the Internet at the address below.

   For further information, please contact me via the following addresses. Note that the addresses have changed since December 1998.

Roger Long

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Bird's Nest BBS Closed -- John Schwab

The Bird's Nest BBS, aka TC-Cubed BBS, closed on February 4, 1999. The computer was present at the meeting for February, as we were asking for anyone who wanted to run a bulletin board from their home. The person who wants to run the bbs must have the desire to really want to run a bbs like it was their own fun hobby. We don't want the bbs to be a burden or "you're stuck with it" type of idea. We are looking for a sysop who wants to make it into a place of their own with some tender loving care.

Now for a Co-Sysop, we are looking for. The Co-Sysop doesn't have to have a separate telephone line. They call the bbs and perform routine duties from remote, like validating users, system maintenance, alerting the sysop to potential problems that could arise, and testing the online games.

If you're really, really, really, interested in running a bbs or being a Co-Sysop, please leave me email at Shuttle 64 BBS, or Internet e-mail or give me a call at (509) 734-8567.

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TC-Cubed going Online with Shuttle 64 BBS

One resource the club really hasn't utilized that much is the BBS. The BBS is by far the best way to carry on a conversation without two or more people being online at the same time. It's a great tool to use between meetings to keep in touch with club members and happenings. These are the current message conferences areas we have on Shuttle 64 for club related items.

Conference # Name
19 To Newsletter Editor
20 Chat & News
21 Lending Library
22 Adopt a 64 / Needs a Good Home
23 Secretary
24 Treasurer
25 Products List/TD>
26 For sale / Looking for
27 Club Database

Conference 19, To Newsletter Editor: Post anything that you want to be included in the next newsletter. Stuff that you post here will be emailed directly to Milton Shultz for proofreading, then emailed to John to be put in page layout.

Conference 20 is the General chat & news area. We can talk about anything we want here, ask questions, answer questions, or just chatting. This is like our own lobby so to speak.

Conference 21 is our lending library. Request items in the library for checkout here.

Conference 22 is "Adopt a 64" or "Needs a good home". In the last two years, Roger and I have been receiving some messages for computers for free, just pay the postage and its yours. If you receive an email from soneone who wants to find a good home for their computer and extras, you can forward it to this conference, or forward it to the Internet email address Our plan is to print some of these in the newsletter, finding people who want a computer but can't afford one. This is a good way to get a Commodore computer into needy hands.

Conference 23 is for the Secretary. Minutes of the last meeting can be read here, important upcoming dates, and requesting a month to do a demo as well.

Conference 24 is for Treasurer Business. Monthly money balances, checks written, dues deposited are items that you will normally find here.

Conference 25 is for updates to the Commodore Products Source List. Post any updates that you might have for Roger Long for the Products List here and your post will be directly emailed to Roger. You can also leave a post by emailing it directly to

Conference 26 is our For Sale / I'm Looking For area. Use the area if you have something that you are willing to part with for a price, or you're willing to pay so much for an item that you're looking for. Kinda like our own personal EBay area.

Conference 27 is for our Club Database Manager to ask members questions like what hardware you have or software you like, etc. If you see a question posted here, please leave a reply with your answer so he can update the database. If you recently purchased an item, hardware or software, please leave a message here as well saying what you bought.

Now that you have been introduced to our message areas, you may ask, "How do I access these areas?" Shuttle 64 BBS is logged to the Internet at 6pm daily. If you're calling long distance or all the lines are full, this is an alternate way to access the BBS. If you don't have Internet access, you can log on using a regular terminal program. If you need help in finding a terminal program, or setting up a terminal program, you can give me a call. For those who access the BBS via the Internet, you can use a Telnet program or the Wildcat Navigator. The Wildcat Navigator is an IBM Windows-based program designed to access the BBS either from a modem or the Internet. This program adds point and click to a BBS environment.

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End of the January-March 1999 issues of The TC-Cubed newsletter

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