AtomicAge1Cov Back

Atomic Age (1990)

Book 1, cover art

11" x 17"

Penciller: Mike Okamoto

Inker: Kevin Nowlan

The 4 book series that kicked off my comics career. Created by Frank Lovece and Mike Okamoto. A long time project for Frank, he dusted it off and asked me to pencil it to cold-submit to the comics publishers. Comico, publishing out of Philadelphia, first took us up, but, alas, after we finished the pencils for the first issue, closed its doors.

2 years later, Marvel took us up for its Epic line, and the rest is history!

A special thanks to Bob Schreck, Diana Schutz, Carl Potts and Marcus McLaren.

And the great Kevin Nowlan for his inks!

Image ©Mike and Diana Okamoto