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Some Great Bible Study Software


Logos is the absolute best Bible software out there.  Spendy, but for the serious Bible student, worth it.

Logos also has A  URL shortening service called - check it out here.


BibleWorks is the premier original languages Bible software program for Biblical exegesis and research. It comes with Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles for your computer, as well as translations in English, and more!

e-Sword Bible Software
e-Sword Bible Software

This is free Bible software, and according to many users is the very best out there. I know and can vouch for the author - Rick Meyers. Try it out. There also ad-ons you can get for a very nominal fee.

SwordSearcher Bible Software
SwordSearcher Bible Software

This is not free Bible software, but in my opinion allows the very best searching of the Bible, Commentaries, Books, and Dictionaries of any Bible software out there.