Leave No Teachers Behind

The No Child Left Behind Act requires every teacher of every major subject, in every single skrool, to be "highly qualified." So, how’s it going?

Well on one side we’ve got the law, giving states until the end of this school year to make sure its teachers are in compliance. For core classes like math, science, and language, teachers must have a bachelor’s degree, a state license or certificate, and demonstrate their competence in every subject they teach. On the other side we’ve got three million teachers, unions, and a bunch of politicians beholden to those unions.

Now adding to the equation, the No Child’s Behind law gives states leeway to define “highly qualified” teachers. That, according to education experts, is the problem. States are running into opposition when they suggest that teachers take tests to prove their qualifications. Tom Blanford with the National Education Association says: “If teachers were forced to pass tests, the number of take-this-job-and-shove-it notices that school districts would receive would be staggering.” Teachers, say the experts, find the idea they might be tested on their own knowledge “unrealistic” and “demeaning.”

Yes, "demeaning."

Of course they’ve got a point. Taking tests is demeaning. If you don’t believe me, ask your kids! Failing tests is even more demeaning. School is demeaning! I mean, what could possibly justify asking teachers to demean themselves, injure their self-esteem, so they can teach a bunch of kids who don’t want to learn anyway? To ensure we promote healthy self-esteem for students and teachers, I suggest we ban tests altogether, for everybody! Leave no teacher – or teachers -- behind!