WELCOME to the Meals on Wheels of Jefferson County Program!

Some things you will need to know:

   Please keep our telephone number (304) 725-1601 near your phone.


   If you know you will not be home to receive your meal, please phone Meals on Wheels of Jefferson County before 9 a.m. (if possible) to arrange a cancellation for that day, or advise us of a neighbor who will accept the meal, keeping it refrigerated until your return.   For food safety reasons, we CANNOT leave meals on porches or other unattended places.


  For longer absences, such as hospital stays or vacations, please notify us as soon as possible when to stop meals and when to re-start.


  It is important to have EMERGENCY RATIONS available for "snow days.  When roads are slick and driving becomes dangerous, the cook will be unable to get to the kitchen, and the volunteers are unable to be safely on the roads.  We will leave a recorded message on our telephone to advise of delivery cancellations.  Normally we do not deliver when schools are closed due to inclement weather.


    Note that we do not deliver meals on the weekends.  No meals are delivered on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, if they fall on a week day.  The meals will not be delivered on the preceding Friday if any of the three holidays fall on a Saturday, or on the following Monday if they fall on Sunday.  Meals are delivered on all other holidays falling on weekdays, unless you instruct us otherwise.


How do I apply to receive meals?