A part-time Cook/Kitchen Manager and a part-time Office Manager are our only salaried employees.  We rely on VOLUNTEERS for all other helping hands.  About 12 volunteers are needed each day (60 per week) in order for Meals on Wheels of Jefferson County to operate efficiently.  You may serve as a Packer, Driver, or Visitor. 


As a volunteer packer You will begin your day about 8:30 a.m. with a teammate, working closely with the Cook/Kitchen Manager to ladle and sort foods into  individual containers; help with clean-up;  and help pack the insulated cases (hot and cold) for each of our routes, with the appropriate number of meals-to-go!    Any individual handling food to be served to the public, must have a valid Jefferson County Food Handler's card.  If you do not currently have a valid food handler's card, you will be advised as to how to obtain your Food Handlerís certification through the Jefferson County Health Department; expenses for certificate can be covered by Meals on Wheels of Jefferson County.

As a volunteer driver or visitor:  You will arrive at the church kitchen about 10:30 a.m. to load up the midday meals in your own vehicle, if driving.  A driver may deliver solo but is normally accompanied by a visitor, who can help as both navigator and the friendly face who greets the client at the door.   You will be provided with specific directions and head out on the route of your choice.  Each route averages 10 stops, and average travel time is 1 1/2 hours.  Limited funds are available to offset increases in the cost of gasoline.

New volunteers are continually recruited and trained.  Any commitment of time is appreciated!---once a week, as little as once a month, or seasonally.  As a new volunteer, you will work side-by-side with an experienced partner. 

The Board of Directors is truly appreciative of the many individuals who give of their time and talents. We acknowledge these selfless acts of love by inviting all of our volunteers to our annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

How do I volunteer?