Southern Central Rail-Road


My Current Layout

My layout is in a room above our two-car garage and shares space with musical instruments, work area, and bookcases. It follows the walls, leaving the center open for all these activities.

Here it is in use for activities other than model railroading: . . . And without the music:

There are no grades since it represents a largely urban area at the head of one of the Finger Lakes in New York State. The scene is set during early winter, when trees are bare, grass is still somewhat green, sky is gray, and remnants of the first snow are here and there. (I still need to work on the snow.) These pictures are from different stages in its construction, and most of the scenes are developing differently than appear in the photos. Still, you can see the shallow shelves, dreary atmosphere, and a sunset off in the distance.

LV hopper gondolas Meat packing plant based on one in Oswego, NY.
depot Depot based in design on one standing in Owego, NY.
depot Freight House scratchbuilt of sheetwood, Campbell shingles, GrantLine castings.
general store General Store, scratchbuilt from wood. Design from actual structure in upstate New York.
schoolhouse and general store Next to the general store is a brick schoolhouse. This is a slightly modified laser kit of a schoolhouse in rural Ohio. The kit is available from the Mid Central Region of the NMRA.
PRR Enginehouse Scratchbuilt engine house based on a PRR prototype. All board on board.
PRR Enginehouse Batavia Carriage Works, based on a picture in "Early American Life," a home decorating magazine. Built from Styrene, wood, and Campbell shingles.
PRR Enginehouse Bar, built entirely board-on-board with Campbell roofing. Design based on typical structures in the Genesee Valley of New York State.
PRR Enginehouse Typical pagoda-style depot of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, based on plans in a Kalmbach book. This is not longer on my layout as not fitting the locale of my current efforts. It has a fully-detailed interior.

Scenes That No Longer Exist
I make continual changes to my layout, most often in placement of buildings. A year ago half of the layout underwent major changes in benchwork, trackplan, and projected scenes. These are pictures of scenes from before modifications started in 2016.
layout This scene shows the first building for a brewery I have underway. Roasting the sprouted barley to make the malt takes place in this distinctive building.
layout Sunset and Towne truss bridge in the distance.
layout Here's that Delaware, Lackawanna & Western depot. The enclosed water tank is an Erie prototype.
layout One of my industries, Cowing & Co., pump manufacturers. Compressed version of a yeast factory in New York State.
layout Wiard Plow Factory; Batavia Carriage works in foreground. Boxcar is lettered for the Geneva, Ithaca & Sayre, another line taken over by the Lehigh Valley RR.
layout Gondolas and boxcars at another industry, Graham Manufacturing.